Two charged after switching seats

In their attempt to avoid police, a pair of Sandusky residents instead received driving citations Monday morning, a police report said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 12, 2014


Corey Drennen, 21, of the 500 block E. Parish St., and Chyanne Dixie, 22, of the 1800 block Remington Ave., were both cited for driving under suspension.

Officers spotted Drennen driving on Cleveland Road and noticed him glance away and abruptly slow down, according to a Sandusky police report. The officer then watched as the vehicle pulled behind an apartment building and emerge one minute later.

The vehicle then ran a stop sign and accelerated quickly down Pipe Street, the report said. Officers found the car in a driveway and saw Dixie peer out from behind a house.

It was Dixie who later admitted they were trying to evade officers. She said she switched seats with Drennen behind the apartment complex because neither were valid drivers and offered to take the fall on Drennen’s behalf, the report said.

Officers charged both with driving under suspension and sent them on their way.




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No offense, but what was the POINT of switching places if neither of them had valid licenses???

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