Man refuses to leave police station

When the day shift began arriving around 6 a.m., they again asked him if he needed help, but he only responded by grunting and walking toward officers.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 22, 2014


A man was arrested for loitering in the Sandusky police station for three hours Thursday morning.

Michael Bryant, 56, 600 block Cleveland Road W., Huron, was charged with criminal trespassing and persistent disorderly conduct.

Bryant was inside the police station from about 3-6 a.m. Thursday, during which time officers asked him repeatedly if he needed assistance.

When the day shift began arriving around 6 a.m., they again asked Bryant if he needed help. Bryant only responded by grunting and walking toward officers.

At one point, he balled up his hands into fists, according to a police report. He was charged with trespassing, then taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for an evaluation.

After he was released a short while later, Bryant returned to the police station, where he again began grunting and tried to re-enter the lobby, the report said. Officers told him numerous times he had to leave unless conducting official business, so he was then cited for disorderly conduct.

He remains in the Erie County jail without bond.



Stop It

He got what he wanted. A nice warm place to sleep and eat. That isn't evident?


Idiots.. Your job is to serve the members of this community, and the geniuses you are use all your brain power and all you can come up with is arrest him? I'm embarrassed that these are the people that represent our city. Really well handled by the SPD. Hospital, shelter, a family member, maybe a little respect would've gone along I was recently , pulled over for a traffic violation by the state highway patrol , and the officer was the nicest most sincere and respectful officer I've ever seen ... Wish there were more cops like him, he showed me respect and in turn I showed him the same. It was nice to see that there are still a few cops that realize how to treat the members of the community that pay there checks.


I don't quite get what your problem is with what they did or how you can compare the two situations. This man came into the police station and was there for 3 hours. He was asked numerous times during that hours if he needed assistance and was apparently not given an answer other than a grunting noise. Now how were the police supposed to contact family members if they didn't have any information on him since he wasn't cooperating by speaking? And they did take him to the hospital for an evaluation and he was treated and released and again came back to the police station. Why would they take him to the shelter not knowing whether or not he was in need of their assistance? It's not the shelter's responsibility to take in John Doe that was in essence stalking the police because he wouldn't give the police any information on who he was or what he was in need of. The police did what they were supposed to do and unless you were there how do you know they didn't treat him with respect? There's nothing in the report that says they had to use excessive force with him, even though the report does say that the guy did ball up his fist and approach the officers. I'm really glad that you had a good experience with the Highway Patrol but I really don't see anything wrong with what the SPD did here. This guy was - in my opinion anyway - looking to be arrested and force their hand to do so and he got what he wanted, in the best way possible and with the least amount of violence to anyone.


What did you want them to do? Maybe they should have invited him in for cookies and milk???


nows its trespassing to be at police station what is it when an officer sleeps in his patrol car at a local business


coookies yeah maybe they still had some left over stolen girl scout cookies left...YUMMY


He got what he wanted. 3 hots and a cot!


AEversole, the police aren't here to provide a "hangout" OR a handout. They're here to deal with threats to the citizens of Sandusky. The police let this idiot loiter for over THREE HOURS. They repeatedly asked him if they could help him. They DID take him to the hospital (as you suggested), where he was released and promptly showed up again at the police station. And you're still complaining???

I'm not saying every cop does the job the way it ought to be done (and we all know we've had a couple who didn't/don't). But in the main, the police are still the good guys.

You say you had a good experience with the State Patrol? Good. And I can tell you I've had the SAME kind of experience with the Sandusky police. Thankfully, I don't have to talk with them very often. But on any and every occasion I've needed them, they've been polite, helpful, and they got the job done.

Meanwhile, you're all worried about this not-quite-right-in-the-head loiterer? Well, YoMamma nailed it: He got what he wanted.


Don't have to be there to provide a hangout, or a handout. He obviously has a mental dis order and you arrest the guy. It is a joke. It should ve been handled better. Most cops are pricks as are most people these days. Everyone has to flex there power and few treat people the way you should another.. Great real. Do to others as you or even better and more than you would do for yourself..,, and if the cops would live by them few simple words, not one of them officers would of felt comfortable arresting that man..if it would have been there grandma they wouldn't have taken it there...


Threats.... Lol.. No their job is to SERVE and protect.... SERVE is the key word , to provide aid or act in a helpful manner....and they did not do eather one....hopefully O'Brian will find out what really was going on and will cut this man a break....


that protect and serve is just b.s. their job was to enforce the law, however, these days it seems generating revenue is their new thing since the economy is in the toilet.

Stop It

They did aid him as I said way above in the first comment. He is warm and fed with a bed, and no he does not like green eggs and ham.


Good to see they still have such amazing doctors at Firelands who probably gave this guy a couple aspirin and let him go home. What a joke that place is!!!!

Stop It

The hospitals are waiting for Obama care to set in full force. Until then, the hospitals get rid of anyone who can't pay, ASAP.


What's your source on that?

Stop It

Personal observance.


So really you've got nothing then, eh? You realize it's illegal for a hospital to do that, right?


City Hall has become a place where people can hang out and the city should be concerned about security. If you don't have business at City Hall, you should be on your way. The city didn't buy all those cameras and panic buttons for nothing. The cops where right in what they did. There are other employees in the building that they need to protect.


This man is homeless, and had been staying at the VOA homeless shelter. Per the "policy" of the Volunteers of America, the homeless MUST leave emergency housing after 90 days, whether they have a place to go or not. Also if a resident of the shelter misses the 8pm curfew by even one minute they are not allowed back on the property until they speak with their case manager (9am-4pm mon-fri) so if you get to the shelter at 8:05pm on friday, you are not permitted to be any where on the property until at the earliest 9am on monday. I do not know what led Mr. Bryant to go to the police station for 3 hours in the middle of the night, but it has been very cold and he may have had no where to go. So there just mat have been a method to his madness per say. As stated above 3 hots and a cot, sounds pretty good when your on the streets in the winter. This man could have went out and committed a crime to get arrested, but I think he did the right thing. I pray things get better for him.


That information is helpful. He could have also SPOKE to the officers instead of GRUNTING. The officers might have had some ideas of how to help him or somewhere to take him.