Officers called to home for stabbing

An impersonator dialed 911 early Wednesday morning, claiming to be a Sandusky man with a stab wound.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 20, 2014


Dispatchers received the call at about 2 a.m. from a government phone line.

“My name is James Smith, and I have been stabbed in front of (a home in the 200 block of Neil St.), Sandusky, Ohio” the caller said before the line went dead.

Officers darted to the house but found all the lights turned off and no signs of a disturbance.

Neighbors said they never heard a commotion. Officers later contacted a man named James Smith on North Depot Street, who said he’d been at home during the incident. Smith did say his girlfriend lived at the house next door to the one the impersonator claimed he was at.

Officers informed Firelands Regional Medical Center of the complaint in the event someone were to show up with a suspicious wound.



Inmate? They have nothing better to do at 2 a.m.


government phone = "Obama" phone? (government issued phone)