Money gone from business

Sandusky police are investigating a possible employee theft complaint at Kasper Buick on Cleveland Road.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 13, 2014


On Tuesday afternoon, a manager reported finding $943 missing from a locked file in his office, according to a Sandusky police report.

The man told police he’d placed the cash there on Friday, and only two employees — who each worked one of the following weekend days — had access to the drawer, the report said.

No discrepancy in funds was discovered during each of their weekend shifts, the report said.

Officers questioned both employees, who each denied involvement in the theft. Both said they never accessed the file.

The manager later told police that executive staff would contact Sandusky police if they wanted to take the investigation further.


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Professor Playdoh

Now that's just funny..




Probably someone who was screwed over by the "WARRANTY FOR LIFE" scam they sell!


Oh no, did you fall for it and buy that? Never buy the warranties that car dealers sell. You would be better off putting 50$ a month in a savings account and using it when you need it. The fine print and the exemptions on those things are ridiculous!


How can you be screwed by something you didn't pay for? If you don't do your maintenance and still expect a warranty you aren't screwed, you're an idiot.


It amazes me how ignorant people can be when it comes to vehicle purchases (it's me and ladydye). You two are probably the kind of buyers that sign away on everything without reading anything. You don't but warranty forever they give it to you at no charge to you. All you have to do is keep up with the recommended services by the manufacture. Why wouldn't you do that???? If they are going to honor a warranty for the life of the vehicle, you as a responsible vehicle owner should maintain your vehicle. No I do not work for Kaspers but I did buy from them and this warranty saved me over $4000. Lady put $50 away for tires, brakes, and tune ups.

Dr. Information

Check Obama's desk. He's in the business of taking money.


^^^ Like


Whatever, someone is trying to cover their butt. That money got "smoked" over the weekend!


I'm betting on the manager. He has two fall guys.

he said she said

My questions is this: Why would he that money in his 'locked file' in his office instead of in the cash office where only certain people have access?


Only certain people had access here as


something tells me there is more access than they're willing to admit. just because he only works in a dept with two other people doesn't mean that no one else knew where he kept the money.

everyday joe

Interesting......It seems the City of Bellevue had this happen in the Water Department and just disclosed it at the city council meeting this recently. They couldnt find out who was responsible for the lost bag containing $4,700.00, so they are writing it off. Must be nice not having to account for that much money, or lose your job.