Man accused of threats

A Sandusky man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 13, 2014

Nick Fee, 38, 3000 block W. Monroe St., was charged with menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment.

On Monday, Fee sent several harassing text messages to his ex-girlfriend, according to a Sandusky police report.

Even after the woman told Fee to leave her alone because he was scaring her, he continued sending texts, the report said.

She also informed police of an incident in early January when Fee threatened her life, the report said. “(Expletive), I’ll kill you” he allegedly said. After conferring with friends, the woman decided to pursue a harassment charge against Fee.

The Sandusky prosecutor also authorized a menacing by stalkingcharge for the January threats, the report said.

Fee was arrested Wednesday and taken to the Erie County jail.


Julie R.

I still wish Mr. Fee would have had 5 minutes alone with that evil monster Clinton.


Here's the legal definition of a "true threat", a statement that may be criminally punished.

true threat n : a threat that a reasonable person would interpret as a real and serious communication of an intent to inflict harm NOTE: True threats are not protected as free speech by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and render the person making the threat liable to criminal prosecution. - See more at:

The threat must be viewed from the perspective of an objective reasonable person not the subjective view of the person on the receiving end of the statement.
On that basis, his earlier statement of "Expletive" I'll kill you" was probably not enough by itself to have him charged with intimidation. But after his continuing with his texts after being told she was scared; I'm surprised he was not charged with Intimidation a felony 3, and received just misdemeanors.