Man accused of threats

A Sandusky man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 13, 2014


Nick Fee, 38, 3000 block W. Monroe St., was charged with menacing by stalking and telecommunications harassment.

On Monday, Fee sent several harassing text messages to his ex-girlfriend, according to a Sandusky police report.

Even after the woman told Fee to leave her alone because he was scaring her, he continued sending texts, the report said.

She also informed police of an incident in early January when Fee threatened her life, the report said. “(Expletive), I’ll kill you” he allegedly said. After conferring with friends, the woman decided to pursue a harassment charge against Fee.

The Sandusky prosecutor also authorized a menacing by stalkingcharge for the January threats, the report said.

Fee was arrested Wednesday and taken to the Erie County jail.


Big Poppy

Now everybody gets to see the real Nick Fee.

Tsu Dho Nimh


red white and blue

Im pretty sure what u see is what you get with nick he happens to be a great guy.he will give you the shirt off his back to bad the paper don't tell the whole story she started the text mess. And the argument then when it don't go her way she crys foul.


Sorry, but in no way is threatening to kill anyone excusable. She was his girl friend to make it worse. I don't care what she did, or who started it.


If she did provoke him, they will have record of all texts. Who knows. She could possibly be charged too!


Before you judge people make sure your own territory leaves no Room for judgment!

J. Hartman

SR, I'm not privy to the facts, but please don't use this situation combined with the tragedy his family is and still are dealing with to sell papers, tug at emotions, or stir interest. All I will say, but I ask politely you don't go that path. Thank you.


Hartman, where in this story does it even make the connection between Nick and his sister? Most people reading this would not even know (or care) who this guy is. I don't see a picture of Nick from the courthouse, or a pic of the tragedy. YOU tied them together.

I see a lot of comments from you, making demands on the Sandusky Register. That's not what the comments are for. You are always telling the Register, "do this" , "don't do that" , "moderator do this", "moderator do that"!

If the Register did NOT print this story, there would people complain that they are protecting and playing favorites.

Why would this two paragraph story about another abusive, low class boyfriend, sell more papers? Wow, another day, another protection order, breaking news. Who is going to go out and pay 75 cents to get "the rest of this story"?

If you think this story sells newspapers, you have a lot to learn about the newspaper business.



J. Hartman

Mr. Tracey, we all have a lot to learn, that's called life. Also, let me clarify, I have never demanded the paper do anything. I made suggestions as you have given me a suggestion. Hopefully somewhere in my past comments at least one statement you found useful. I do want to note there has been numerous times I have thanked the paper for different articles. Granted, more suggestions then pats, but that's how the newspaper business works right? Spark interest and dialogue? You have a great weekend Mr. Tracey.


I don't know these people at all but from the comments I see the double standard of people sticking up for a friend even though he did something wrong and the passing of blame onto the other party. Then there is the feel sorry for him because of his family tragedy situation. If someone does something illegal, it's not okay because he's a generous guy or has had family tragedies. Also you don't threaten people-ever. That itself speaks volumes about his character. This theme seems to be what small towns and minds are all about.


I'm speaking as a third party giving an opinion that all the facts should come to light before charging the person with menacing. Not all seems as it is until everything is seen


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Sounds like he and Clinton have a couple things in common!

sandtown born a...

Putting these 2 in the same frame is like putting you and the Kkk in the same boat


Why? Threats can lead to real violence. You never really know what goes on behind closed doors.


How is that like putting Deertracker and the KKK in the same boat? It's the truth. Nick is a hypocrite if you ask me. I actually had some respect for Nick until now.


F.Y.I. Nick turned himself in on the charges so he did the right thing. lets just wait and see what happens before you jump to conclusions


Hey this is Nick Fee I am on someone else's account to set the record straight first off all you tough guys out there running your mouths are free to contact me personally to discuss anything you'd like as for this case you should know the facts before you say anything I saw the charges in the paper and willingly went down to turn myself in and when all these charges are dismissed and I am innocent I will expect to see all you people bad mouthing me to retract your statements

As for me trying to intimidate people I don't wish to intimidate anyone my temper was well in check the entire trial. As for my $10 sunglasses they are $170 oakleys and my ten year old t-shirts are brand new the sleeves are cut off when they are bought. What you see is what you get I am who I am.Those people that know me know that this is ridiculous those that don't don't matter. Happy Valentine's day ladies the last ones just mad because of the rest of you. Please do not hold this account holder responsible these are my personal thoughts and opinions. Thank you


I wasn't running my mouth, just said you had Humpty Dumpty arms. Don't get so mad bro.


Maybe you are innocent but who really cares? Turning yourself in only means you knew they were coming for you. Obviously there must be some merit to the charges or you would not have been charged. You received major support on this blog and the SR during the tragedy your family endured. Your temper was fine until the end of the trial and no one really had an issue with your courtroom behavior so please don't act as though everyone should not have an opinion about this alleged behavior. Ask your ex if you wish to intimidate. I'll be looking for the retraction!

red white and blue

I think as far as the trial of nicks sister goes everyone here should have no comment about it this isnt about that nor his behavior during the trial.If anyone here could say they would have been calm during that trail YOU MY FRIEND ARE A LIAR! Now as far as this story goes if he is guilty I guess we will all find out soon enough until then options are like buts everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks


He brought it up and nothing said was disrespectful. It's opinions not options!


I love that quote Deertracker "Obviously there must be some merit to the charges or you would not have been charged" Does that include blacks and whites? or just whites? probably the latter huh. geez... wish I would have used that quote when all those sandusky and detroit boys got charged with gang activity awhile back.


Deertracker hates white people- Kanye West


Just white guys from Huron!

Julie R.

I still wish Mr. Fee would have had 5 minutes alone with that evil monster Clinton.


Here's the legal definition of a "true threat", a statement that may be criminally punished.

true threat n : a threat that a reasonable person would interpret as a real and serious communication of an intent to inflict harm NOTE: True threats are not protected as free speech by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and render the person making the threat liable to criminal prosecution. - See more at:

The threat must be viewed from the perspective of an objective reasonable person not the subjective view of the person on the receiving end of the statement.
On that basis, his earlier statement of "Expletive" I'll kill you" was probably not enough by itself to have him charged with intimidation. But after his continuing with his texts after being told she was scared; I'm surprised he was not charged with Intimidation a felony 3, and received just misdemeanors.