Grandmother allegedly stabbed grandson

Police arrested woman for allegedly stabbing her 14-year-old grandson's thigh with steak knife.
Courtney Astolfi
Feb 10, 2014

Stella (Hunter) Anderson, 56, 1300 block E. Perkins Ave., was charged with felonious assault, domestic violence and obstruction. 

Officers learned of the alleged assault when Anderson took the boy to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment at about 10:30 a.m. today, Sandusky police detective Gary Wichman said. 

The boy originally indicated it was Anderson who injured him, but later recanted that statement, Wichman said. 

Anderson denied involvement, but a search of her home revealed bloody clothes and rags, Wichman said. 

She allegedly stabbed the boy's right thigh with a kitchen knife, but his injuries did not appear life-threatening at this time, Wichman said. 



The injury was not life threatening, but the emotional damage will be life long.

How bad does it have to get before you decide you need to pull out a knife and stab your own grandchild?

And before all you people blame the kid for being a punk and a thug and bigger than his gramma, and not in school. Let me remind you that this 14 year old did not raise himself. He was obviously raised by dysfunctional relatives with no problem solving skills, and some anger managment issues.

And gramma wanted him to lie to the doctors and police! Nice.


Remember that video from inside the Sandusky Police station, where the lady starts fighting a man? The woman that bought a car off a guy and used a bad check?

That was Stella.


That Woman is CRAY CRAY. It's amazing she is not in prison already.


Exactly!!! There is no good reason why she's not already there!!!! Could have saved this boy a lot of agony....physical and emotional!!


Maybe she has information or assets that makes her valuable to police and or prosecutors? Similar to the bondswoman (what was her name?)who called Perkins police on herself while smoking crack because she thought someone was breaking into her home.

I do know if this grandson wants to protect himself from grandma he should get a black cat as she'll run screaming from the house. The cat will be better protection than police when dealing with Stella.

Brick Hamland

Peggy mayo is her name


Thanks, that's her. She beat that felony drug rap so she could continue to be a bondswoman.


Dick, it wouldn't matter to me if he was a punk, thug or bigger than his grandma, there's still no reason that I can think of for a grandmother to stab her own grandchild! And you're also right that the emotional damage that this child - and that's all he is no matter how big he may be - has now had inflicted on him is going to be so much worse than any stab would. We all have these images of our grandparents if not in our head but in our hearts that our grandparents typically are the ones that we go to for spoiling not something like this, especially from our grandmother. Really hope this boy can get some help to not only heal physically but mentally.


Most of us have fond memories of our gramma's, indeed. I have great memories, like when she peed her pants laughing so hard at me trying to work the clutch on her tractor, or when she taught me to use her gun to shoot woodchucks under the barn, can pickles and taught me to make my own little cinnamon rolls with her left over pie crust. She almost peed her pants again when I asked her why the cows were jumping on the backs of other cows. I wondered for years why she thought that was a funny question.

I don't think she ever raised her voice at me, let alone stabbed me with a knife.


You made me miss my grandma all over again. :'(


Oh my gosh Dick!! I just about peed myself laughing too!!! My grandma wouldn't have done those things with me, my grandpa would have, and JMOP it made me miss mine more too. Mine was a sweet little English, tea-drinking, prime and proper lady. My grandpa would call her his little turd-l-dove and she would tsk at him, smiling the entire time. They were married nearly 70 years when she passed. She taught all of us girls the proper lady things, though most of us were out with grandpa playing ball or flying kites but she was right there giving us her old used stockings for the tails.


I agree yogiberra she is crazy. I have known Stella for years went to school with her kids and she has never been right in the head.

mimi's word

She is a Hunter. As far as I have ever been told that alone is enough to make her crazy.


Stella has 101 arrests, listed as Stella Hunter.

She only has 26 arrests under Stella Anderson, all the same address.

For anyone trying to keep track that is 127, including these charges.


I know her too!!! yikes no wonder earl died


Lol....That's why you shouldn't abandon your kids on their grandparents....they lose it sometimes. Raise your own kids.


Sounds like she can't raise her nor her grandkids!


It's to bad she wasn't the one getting injured. Not that I'd want anyone to get in any trouble for stabbing this worthless lady. This lady tried to tell me she is an attorney when it was time to pay a debt. Look at all of the charges in sandusky and perkins ALONE. Does anyone think that there's plenty more in other places like Toledo where she supposedly owns a what a piece of garbage.. I will be in the gallery smiling and laughing at this pathetic lady


That poor kid never asked to be here. It's just the hand he was dealt. Don't have kids if you aren't willing to put in the hard work it takes to raise them!


Stella is a pillar of society. Can't understand all the bad comments. Look at the bright side. At least there were no flames or smoke.

God Of Thunder

It is very sad that it has come to this. This woman should've been locked up long ago. I wonder if this is the same grandson whose throat she held a knife to a couple years ago.

I have had run ins with her in the past, and she is a menace to society. I feel bad for the poor kid. I don't know why she is still walking the streets, from the bad checks, to the disruption at Hancock School, the assault on the neighbor, driving under suspension, etc. I hope this is a wake up call for everyone to work to put this nit wit away.




Where were the childs parents?

SanduskySlayer's picture

Sorry but maybe Grandma had a good reason to stab the boy. This is why Police need to stay the heck out of domestic disputes.

God Of Thunder

Yeah..There's always a good reason for a grandma to stab a grandson. Coming from someone with 'slayer' in their name....Idiot

SanduskySlayer's picture

Your name calling and personal attacks show how weak and frail your mind is. Yeah there is, there is also reason to abort babies. They may grow up like you.

LookingDown good one reason to stab a kid? Please tell me!

God Of Thunder

You have little man syndrome. Or maybe little woman....Maybe both. I support choice... Go chase yourself..

And what does abortion have anything to do with this, nitwit???? Talk about a frail mind.

Stop It

What a dumassed comment to make. Why not let everyone do what they want in their own homes?

It sure would cut down on the population.


And I bet when Gram. gets out of that holding cell she is in she will say the police robbed her home.