Police: Drunken woman’s truck runs out of gas

A drunken Perkins Township woman was arrested early Saturday morning when her truck ran out of gas in front of the Erie County Detention Home.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 9, 2014


Diana Cillo, 52, 2800 block Monticello Lane, was charged with disorderly conduct intoxicated and dangerous drug possession.

Cillo told Sandusky police a friend was driving her vehicle when it ran out of fuel in the detention home’s entrance off Tiffin Avenue, according to a police report.

Cillo’s friend found another ride, the report stated, leaving Cillo stranded in the building’s lobby. She had no cash to buy more gas, and multiple calls for a ride home went unanswered.

Officers took Cillo to the Erie County jail when she blew .128 BAC in a breath test, the report said.

A search of Cillo’s purse yielded five different prescription pills, none of which Cillo had a prescription for, the report said.



And why was she not charged with a DUI? Oh yea, her "no where to be found" friend was driving, I bet she only drank 2 beers all night too huh?

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No evidence, no admission of guilt, no DUI. She was probably drinking after the vehicle ran out of gas.....prove it differently.