Boy tries to pass counterfeit $50 bill

The boy told police he got the bill from a friend in Cleveland.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 8, 2014


A Sandusky boy was arrested Thursday evening when he allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit bill at a convenience store.

The boy, 17, 1900 block Pierce St., was charged with criminal simulation. It was about 8 p.m. when the boy strolled into 7-Eleven on Camp Street to make a purchase, and produced a fake $50 bill to pay for it, according to a Sandusky police report.

Officers noted the bill was torn in several places, did not feel like regular money and had no security strip or watermark.

The boy told police he got the bill from a friend in Cleveland.

Officers seized the bill and took the boy to the Erie County Detention Home.



Okay. Whose responsibility (and cost) is it to check our currency? My understanding is that upwards to 25% could be caveat (fake). That makes it worth as much as our currency (zilch) since it's no longer backed by gold. I think it could be one more ploy by which to eliminate all paper money so we all have to go onto the "credit card system". Then, they can keep track of our every expenditure AND the credit card companies get to make their cut just for the luxury of us using our own money. Only in America! (Sorry. I got side-tracked.) My initial point is, "Who gets stuck surrendering their cash when it's found to be fake?" Shouldn't the bank have to verify that the currency they pass out is "good"? they just like to "pass the buck"?
Imagine if...we took all 25% of the fake currency out of circulation. We individuals could probably sell "real" money at a premium and for a profit. Sooner or later though...laws would be passed so we couldn't do that either. "They" don't like losing control. "Control" is power and power is control.
Ya know what? I think I'll start checking all the cash that passed to me over the counter. If its a fraud...they give me a legal one (and...I may report them too!) Why should I have to surrender my fake cash for zilch just because no one else wanted to get stuck with the sham goods. A lot of people and businesses get to handle the cold hard cash but they too don't want to get stuck with the worthless paper. "Why should I?"