Police chief Orzech sets 5 goals for 2014

Sandusky  police Chief John Orzech made a resolution to attain five goals heading into 2014.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 27, 2014


Among them:

1. Progress on improving community relations through outreach programs.

Orzech, upon becoming chief in April, implemented a liaison program, where several officers visit area organizations to fostergoodwill between Sandusky police and the community.

“This will … address our overall goal of providing a safe community for the citizens of Sandusky” he said.

2. Establish an organizational chart to better reflect current manpower levels, job assignments and supervisory responsibilities.

A better-defined chart should create a clearer chain of command, Orzech said.

3. Update the policy and procedure manual.

“The policy and procedure manual will continue to be updated so that it reflects current operational practices, state law and best practices for modern policing agencies” he said.

4. Introduce a strategic plan for police operations.

The strategic plan strives to produce long-term goals and objectives police officers, detectives and administrators want to achieve, Orzech said. The message should also differ but jibe with city commission’s mission statement.

5. Embrace a new records management system.

Up until January, local law enforcers needed to make several calls or radio in requests to obtain information from other departments.

But now information from almost every county-based police and fire department is accessible through a database system.

A law enforcer can type someone’s name, address or other pertinent information into a search to immediately access data they need when solving crimes or pressing charges.

Sandusky’s law enforcers, for instance, can now access Huron’s crime reports in a few seconds.

The universal system also can produce statistical information and crime maps, informing officers about vagrant activity or other trouble at certain locations.



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Really Sandusky2012... it's not the 80's anymore. You have made your point known it other articles you don't like the police. So get over yourself.

Good job chief Orzech!


hey lets talk about the officer whom raped that girl fitzpatric of the one who had drugs in his locker or the detective that said fitzpatric only raped that girl because he had a weakness in his heart or the one whom said 2 black men pulled a gun on him or the ones whom sexted or the ones whom stole girlscout cookies,?


did the girl press charges? Was the man arrested? Did those police officers get arrested for theft? weren't those officers dismissed from the force? Aren't all these complaints dealt with already? Aren't you just dredging up a bunch of stuff that is already over with to start more problems because you aren't happy with the outcome? You can't stand it? Perhaps you would be happy living elsewhere where problems get solved to YOUR satisfaction? Try Detroit. I understand they are trying to rebuild. Perhaps you could try living there. Or out in Tucson, AZ, their cops shoot first and ask questions later ( I lived there, I saw that first hand).

So be thankful that you live here, where at least the cops "police" their own and cut loose the bad ones. Stop complaining. Nothing is perfect.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Sandusky 2012 ( which should be Sandusky 1972) you are one of the reasons this town can not move forward. There are to many of you bringing this area down all the time. I sure you have done many bad things in your life time and probably would like to forget or change some of them but you can't. Its done its over and have you moved on? I think not because of your actions on here. Get a life do something great...move forward ....PLEASE. Think positive so this area can move forward.


to dont worry be happy tell that to the girl who was raped " move on" i bet if it was your mother your sister or your wife or your child would you state the same? DONT WORRY BE HAPPY

Dont Worry Be Happy

I would like to add Chief I think you are doing a great job, keep up the great work.

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The Hero Zone

Thank you, chief. As a resident, community activist, and business owner I am happy to see these goals and work with your department.


Good job, chief...keep it up