Man’s voodoo doesn’t stop his arrest

Man accused of crashing car while drunk, with child in back seat
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 23, 2014


A Sandusky man’s voodoo magic didn’t stop police from locking him behind bars Sunday afternoon after he allegedly crashed his car while under the influence, with an 8-year-old child in the backseat.

Prince Ayere, 30, of the 4500 block of Venice Heights Blvd., was charged with three counts of resisting arrest and one count each of endangering children, operating a vehicle under the influence, failure to control a motor vehicle and disorderly conduct intoxicated.

Ayere’s Cadillac Eldorado crashed into a pole near the Sandusky post office at about noon Sunday, prompting police officers to descend on the scene, according to a Sandusky police report.

Officers noticed Ayere’s glassy eyes and dilated pupils as he told them his car spun out of control after he left the library—all the while, pointing at the post office, the report said.

During the course of officers’ interaction with Ayere, he became increasingly agitated and aggressive, the report said. He allegedly fought with officers multiple times as they arrested him.

The 8-year-old boy in the backseat of Ayere’s car told paramedics he was not hurt in the crash, but he did say Ayere had been acting strange.

The boy said Ayere opened and closed his family’s refrigerator several times that day, and “began to wiggle his arms around like they were made of Jello” the report stated.

The boy’s mother said she thought the child was in her sister’s care at the time of the crash. Ayere later refused to cooperate with officers at the police station, and caused a disturbance in the emergency room.

As an officer was driving Ayere to the Erie County jail, “he began to sing a voodoo curse” the report stated.

When he was finished, Ayere told the officer to seek him out, because only he would be able to release the curse.

Ayere was released from the Erie County jail on Tuesday afternoon.



I love the SR for the headlines alone!


Prince... with a name like that, who would have guessed he would be in trouble.

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This guy is also going to school to be a nurse. NICE


Was going. Can't with a felony or drug conviction which this may well be.


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From the Grave

I like it when the post office WAS right near the library.


SR take note - the voodoo came after the arrest.


Did he hit his head in the accident? Parts of his face looks puffy.


He already is a nurse...but I guess not for long


he gots dat black magic. beware.

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That was a rather stupid comment...but typical for a racist bigot.


So now, "That Old Black Magic" song is racist? It's a good old song.


maybe he had pink eye lol

Rusty of Sandusky

Looking at the texture of the wall and the flash reflection off of his face -- it almost looks like this mug shot is just a very life-like wall mural/painting.


I always checked out the latest and most current new books from the post office! But then again I'm usually picking them up because I've ordered them by mail!! LOL!! What a dork!! I didn't think they even still made Eldorados any more. But seriously I love the little boy's description of how the guy was acting. You can't hide anything from kids! I'm just glad he wasn't hurt! The mom's an idiot to though in my opinion for not knowing where her 8 year old was!


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I hope they drug test him for work. I wouldn't want a nurse that stoned to take care of me.


Going to school to be a nurse to steal drugs


I bet the childs mother knew he was [under the influence] & still let him around her son. Dumb, stupid & irresponsible. A nurse ? If he is an inhome care nurse, That's scary. As a matter of fact I've seen some of these home care nurses in the homes of people I know, they are usually kinda greasy & cruddy .How much does a visiting nurse get paid in this area?


likely you are seeing a nurseds aide in these peoples homes and not an actual nurse. nurses aides are just a maid going by another name. they are there to clean and help with baths only. they make close to minimum wage which explains their lack of ambition or pride in appearance. this prince fella is a real wierdo.knew that before this article came out


IXMNU really??? Just a maid, nurses aide's do the jobs that the nurses do not want to do. They are the ones who spend the most time with the patients and do all of the hard work and do not get paid what they should. Not all nurses aides are the way you say they are and they do take pride in their work. I know some RN's and LPN's who just do what they do for a paycheck and they hardly have to do anything. So before you go talking about people make sure you don't generalize, because not everybody falls into the same catagory. I am not an aide, but I used to be and I also know alot of great nurses aides.