Man smuggles crack into holding cell

A Sandusky man was charged with drug trafficking after he allegedly smuggled multiple bags of crack into the Sandusky police station following his arrest late Saturday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 21, 2014


Lamarcquis Walk, 32, 1600 block Harrison St., was charged with cocaine trafficking, illegal conveyance of drugs on detention facility grounds, tampering with evidence, cocaine possession and open container.

Officers stopped the car in which Walk was traveling at Seneca and Pearl streets just before midnight Saturday, according to a police report.

A police dog detected narcotics on Walk’s side of the vehicle, and an officer soon found a plastic bag of suspected crack on the floor near his feet, the report said. While driving him to the police station, Walk accused officers of planting the bag inside the vehicle.

Officers later found another bag of crack on the police station floor, and nine more hidden under lockers in Walk’s holding cell, the report said. “It was apparent Lamarcquis had the contraband hidden on his person which could not be located without a strip search,” the report stated.

Walk was then held at the Erie County jail.


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