Thirty children in fight related to gang arrests

About 30 children were fighting outside a boy’s Prospect Street home Monday evening, in what his aunt said was the latest chapter of threats made against him in connection with a slew of gang arrests in August, police said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 16, 2014


Numerous residents tipped off police to the large crowd of children actively fighting at about 6 p.m. Monday. When officers arrived, the crowd had mostly dispersed, but they located a few stragglers involved in the brawl nearby.

The boy’s aunt told police a group of children had approached the house, shouting that the boy was a snitch and challenging him to go outside to fight, according to a police report.

Meanwhile, the boy refused to provide officers with any details, the report said.

Three bystanders who the aunt said were involved were charged with disorderly conduct: Shayquon Harvey, 18, 500 block Elm St.; boy, 17, 700 block Sycamore Line; boy, 16, 400 block E. Washington St. Harvey was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The boy has allegedly received multiple threats, following a fight in a Foxborough Circle apartment building in late August.

Police later arrested more than a dozen people on gang-related charges.


Darwin's choice

Thug life.


What ya be sayin?


When I was a kid we played kick THE can for entertainment. Today seems like kids play kick THEIR can for entertainment. The results of poor parenting. You need a license to drive, to get married, operate a business, etc. but not to be a parent.


The color purple.


Well I guess the headline is correct. There wasn't a man among them. Just a bunch of little children. I wish it was still ok for a real man to take these children on and teach them a thing or two.


Lock up the kid until he gives up the names.

Tsu Dho Nimh

Then he will be a target. Kids pay dearly for snitching.

Big Poppy

What about the fight at Sandusky High School yesterday between the 2 girls?


big poppy - details please.

Big Poppy

Can't say who it was cause it will be deleted, but it's all over facebook in a video. Hell it was right in front of the school in the grass that's how I seen it. Then I seen it on facebook.


These kids aren't in gangs and aren't gang members though, isn't that right DAMON NEWELL? hahaha. You racist piece of work. I beg everyone to go look at Damon Newell's blogs and they all are intended to cause race tension. It's always the privileged whites targeting the underprivileged blacks. Honestly a joke.

Bottom Line

Spot on. 100% correct.


You racist piece of work. What does this have to do with that. I also said it wasn't a gang then. Do you even know what a gang looks like I bet in your mind They only look black right. You are the only joke. People bring up race on everything but say others are racist. Grow the he!! Up.


How can the Sandusky Register not see that he is 100% RACIST? Every single thing he writes is racist. If a WHITE man wrote the exact same blogs for the Register they would never ever be allowed. And that's the bottom line...


That's funny everything you write is racist so I guess you would know one wouldn't you.


Damon, please tell me one time I have ever posted anything racist. One doesn't have to be racist, in order to know when someones a racist. PS I have a white friend so I CANT be racist. ha

J. Hartman

Seriously, for once can we have a dialogue where race is not brought into the mix? It doesn't matter what your skin pigment is. What matters is if you are a good person or not and how you conduct yourself. For those who do enjoy bringing up the race card, I pray one day you see and have a realization that we are all in this together no matter what your background. So many problems/issues could be prevented if we as adults set the example. Fairly easy, respect all and keep the racist comments and thoughts out.

Don S

These are not children,,, they are gang members !!!! There is a difference !!!!! Yes, Sandusky, you have a GANG problem !!!!!!

Really are you ...

Wait ten to twenty years then the lil' gangsters can really cause problems with their thug life mental state.


Do Sandusky have gangs yes just like Huron Norwalk etc. It's what you choose to call them. People want to be PC when it is something they want to get across. They might not do the crimes as major cities but they are still a gang. I have talked to some of these kids. Some have changed one is even in the army now. Its easy to judge and talk sh!+ on here put your words to action.



What is the "new" definition of children, nowadays?