Coffee pot: Man hides marijuana in latte

A Sandusky man stashed a bag of marijuana in his latte during a traffic stop Wednesday morning, but wasn’t able to outsmart police with his unconventional hiding spot.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 11, 2014


Curtis Jackson, 25, 1400 block Judy Lane, was charged with marijuana possession and felony tampering with evidence.

A Sandusky police officer stopped Jackson at Hancock Street and Huron Avenue shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday for driving under suspension.

The officer noticed a coffee cup with its lid partially removed tucked into Jackson’s cupholder, and coffee was dripping down the side of the seat and console, according to a Sandusky police report.

When Jackson exited the car so police could search it, he tried to take the cup with him — but officers told him to leave it, the report said.

An officer then fished a bag of marijuana out of the hot beverage, cuffed Jackson and took him to the Erie County jail.


Raoul Duke

Funny, I find driving under suspension to be a more serious offence than smoking pot. I'm sure he had NO insurance. Were they arresting him for that anyway, or just the drugs? "Cuff him Bob, he's got WEED!"

The General

Jimbo, how's about a toke for me buddy?


another case with a chumped up charge! hey don't hide the joint because your scared in see the police lights behind you! (only natural) I would assume! Now since you destroyed the weed and none of us can smoke Im going to add a felony 3 charge for tampering with drugs! Get real Spd and Ppd!