Parked vehicles could be ticketed

Sandusky police officers know excessive snow means no parking on certain city streets.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 8, 2014


Local officers delay doling out $15 tickets, first trying to call owners of illegally parked cars in hopes they’ll quickly move.

“The officers will ticket if the snow ban is put into effect (and if) the vehicles aren’t moved” Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. “We usually make attempts at contacting the owner of the vehicle if the registrations are ran and they live in the general area of where the vehicles are parked”

Officers, however, must add this timely and frigid activity to their list of daily activities.

“The parking tickets and prioritizing this will be based on call volume and the officers’ availability,” Orzech said.

It’s not known how many, or even if, police officers issued parking tickets related to excessive snowfall in the past few days.

When snowfall exceeds 2 inches, any vehicle parked on a main traffic artery within Sandusky must move to avoid being ticketed or towed.

Fewer cars on streets help snow plow drivers clear roadways faster and more efficiently.

Red-and-white signs are posted along emergency snow streets to inform motorists parking is prohibited when snow exceeds 2 inches.



I can recall in the 1960's there were laws on the books that said vehicles needed to be moved within 24 hours after a snowfall to allow plows to clear the streets. Reminders were given over the radio and in the paper. You could drive down streets a week after a storm and see cars with snow plowed around them that had never been moved or ticketed, as announced. Now the city has signs designating specific streets that need to be cleared of vehicles when snow levels exceed a certain amount and the same thing continues.
For the past 3 days there have been more than enough announcements to alert people to move their vehicles. Why the need to try and contact them? You are adding unnecessary work to the police for what, to make the offenders feel special? Enforce the law on the books. If it entails a ticket and/or towing fees for the vehicle owner then so be it. Stop treating these so called adults as irresponsible kids.


Tow a few and the word will get out.


I don't know why people don't move them in the first place- my neighbors didn't move their mini-van and it now has 3ft of snow around it from the plows. Guess they just like shoveling snow.


My neighbor doesn't move hers either. She makes sure to park in front of our house so we are the ones who don't get the front of our house plowed. I have a driveway in the back so it doesn't affect me, but when we have guests they have no where to park.


What would happen if one called the police and complained about a certain vehicle. Are the police then obligated to take action. Just saying.

he said she said

I remember when I was a kid that my parents would let a neighbor that didn't have a driveway pull their car in ours until the plows went through. Our whole neighborhood did this so that our street would be plowed 'curb to curb' as my dad would say.


...and then you have the jerks who pull right into the parking space YOU'VE gone out of your way to clear! This past weekend, I about killed myself getting the walkways shoveled (repeatedly), a path to the street shoveled (repeatedly), a curbside area cleared for easy passenger side access (repeatedly), and my car shoveled out and moved out of the way. But when I went to put my car back in front of my own house that I'd worked so hard to shovel, somebody else was there! So they got to walk on cleared sidewalks while I had to unload groceries in a neighbor's driveway and park where I had to trudge through deep snow. Nice. I HATE on street parking, not because it's on the street, but because neighbors aren't neighborly any more!


Let them plow!! I'll be sure to move my car to the other side of the street so they can take that mirror off too!!


You do understand that no matter what side of the street you park on the same mirror will get knocked off?


Who said anything about parking, I just said move it to the other side :) it shouldn't take too long for them to pass me by and knock off the other mirror!!