Judge: Give back Bartt's BB gun

Ralphie carried a Red Ryder, Bartt may get his Crosman back by Christmas.
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 24, 2013


A man who allegedly threatened a tattoo parlor’s owner with a BB gun this past week can continue to roam West Monroe Street the faux weapon in tow.
Sandusky Municipal Court Judge Erich O’Brien ordered police return the Crosman .177 caliber BB gun to Bartt Carruthers, 50, on Friday, according to a Sandusky police report.

His rationale: Police didn’t file charges against Carruthers related to the BB gun, so there was no legal reason for them to detain it.

“Neither case in front of me was related to the BB gun” O’Brien said Monday.

Sandusky police arrested Carruthers early Friday morning near his West Monroe Street home and charged him with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and carrying a concealed weapon. The weapons charge was related to a pocketknife found in his coat.

Carruthers allegedly entered True Innovations tattoo parlor at 3305 W. Monroe St. at 11:45 p.m., after it had closed, carrying the BB gun in his coat pocket, according to a Sandusky police report.

When the shop’s owner, Michael Evans, confronted Carruthers, he reached for the BB gun.

Evans responded by withdrawing his 9 mm Taurus pistol and shoving Carruthers out of the store, he said.

While outside, Carruthers pulled out his BB gun and appeared to aim it at the window in the door, then took off down West Monroe Street, according to the police report. Police arrested him soon after, just a few blocks away, where he had partially disassembled the BB gun.   

Carruthers told police he was “using the BB gun as protection because he was afraid to walk around at night” without it, according to a Sandusky police report.

Police didn’t include details about the confrontation inside the store in the report filed late Thursday about the incident.

Late Friday, however, Evans filed a supplemental report with Sandusky police, clarifying what happened.

“I give police credit for being on it right away; they did a good job getting him,” Evans said Friday. “But the (first) report is a little off. He didn’t just wander in drunk”

Carruthers was the victim of a shooting in January at a Perkins Avenue car wash. The alleged shooter wounded Carruthers three times in what police have said was a setup fueled by a prescription drug sale. The case is still playing out in court.

As of Monday evening, no additional charges had been filed against Carruthers for Thursday’s incident.

Perhaps not coincidentally, two West Monroe Street residents on the same block as True Innovations filed police reports Friday and Saturday regarding damage to their vehicle windows.

One man found a small dent in a Dodge Caravan’s rear window frame, near its completely shattered window. Because of the nature of the damage, he told police he suspected a pellet or BB gun and possibly his “problematic” neighbor. He told police he suspected the damage occurred Thursday night.

Another woman told police someone shattered her Dodge Durango’s rear window sometime early Saturday morning, but wasn’t sure who or what caused the damage.


The Rudy

Good move, your honor. I'm sure we'll never hear from Bartt again.


no wonder he looks so happy..


I think he should get his B.B. gun back too.... what completely disturbed person wouldn't be just thrilled to wake up on Christmas morning with a nice new shiny B.B. gun under the tree. Of course- Santa better watch out next year. "You better watch out, better not cry, better watch out for the homicidal maniac with the twitch in his eye..."

Simple Enough II

+1 I like it!

Simple Enough II

Sorry, duplicate.


Looks familiar... Hmmm. No wait that was a squirrel.


Let's give him a test. If he is able to pronounce his name and spell it correctly, he can have his gun back. Judging from the photo, I'd give him a 50-50 shot.

2cents's picture

"Judge Erich O’Brien ordered police return the Crosman .177 caliber BB gun"

Think about it, the judge may just want a CCW civilian or police officer to have this so called toy gun pointed at them. Bang! End of trouble with this guy, a blessing in disguise from the court?

Pioneer Trail Pimp

Exactly what I was thinking. Judge Solomon O'Brien may be wiser than most realize.


Sure. lets just forget about the Durango that had it's rear window shot out in that same vicinity that same night. Hmm lets see drunk guy with bb gun tries to rob Tattoo shop at gun point. mean while 2or 3 blocks up the street a Durango had a window shot out. NAw, They couldn't be connected. could they? Nope not in this town must have been someone else.