Police chief seeks gun range shed

Sandusky’s top cop aims to annihilate two decrepit facilities at the department’s firing range facility.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 11, 2013


A recent National Rifle Grant application shows Sandusky police Chief John Orzech asking for $30,000 in grant funds to build a storage shed.

The pole barn-style structure would replace two older on-site shelters storing equipment, targets and other materials. “It’s not going to be anything fancy,” Orzech said. “It’s just going to be enough room to store our equipment.
This is very much needed.” Agencies doling out grant money tend to favor organizations collaborating with one another, since more people benefit from these funds. Other than Sandusky, the firing range facility — located on Old Railroad Road by Ohio 2 — also hosts training sessions for the region’s SWAT team, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, and police departments for Perkins, Huron and Bay View.
At the range, Sandusky police officers typically only shoot guns assigned to them while on duty, including a .40-caliber, AR-15, and MP5.


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Professor Playdoh

What ever happened to earning it through bake sales, etc. All you do now is beg for money.


30,000 for a shed that is "not going to be anything fancy?" I can go to Home Depot or Menard's and buy 29 sheds and leveling blocks for the money they are asking for. How big is the shed going to be???


Please read this post with an open mind.That range can have any size "shed" they want.Just open it to the public on set dates and have a police organization to manage it.

The The Conservation Club is great but it is far to the east.Shooting sports and defensive protection are very very popular.There is a demand for a place like this.I know it would be profitable.Both adults and children would benefit.The police would greatly benefit by the relationships they could build with the community.I am pretty sure that the land was either city or county owned.Why not let the public enjoy it and pay for its improvement and maintenance?

Actually I feel that police and sheriff dep'ts should be closer to the community and not drifting farther apart like they seem to be doing.

I have in the past driven by the gate and rarely see any activity.Some say it is a private party spot hidden away from the public eye.I hope this is not true.

I would pay to use it and donate some time to it.


Peninsula Pundit

Good points.
If they opened it up and charged fees, they might not have to go on the dole. But maybe the police like their privacy, as you suggest.
I hear there is an excellent federal facility called 'Camp Perry' where a lot of shooting activities go on as well.
Anyone over on the south side of Sandusky Bay ever hear of it?

Trigger from Erie

SR, would you please clarify this story? To whom is the application for a grant being made--the National Rifle Association, or some government agency? You mention "National Rifle" but also refer to "agencies" that dole out grant funds to organizations that collaborate. Would the funding source be public or private?