Teen girls with inflatable raft rescued from bay

A good Samaritan on a personal watercraft helped bring two girls to shore Sunday afternoon after they struggled with their inflatable raft in the back bay by the Cedar Point chaussee.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 16, 2014


The girls were about 14 years old and from Westerville, Ohio, Sandusky fire Capt. Dave Degnan said. The mother of one of the girls called the fire department while watching the girls, who appeared to be struggling to get back to shore with the small raft. Dagnan sent out the department’s boat and drove out to the area.

By then the girls were in the water and trying to swim the raft back in, he said.

“It was windy and I think the girls just had a hard time as the wind keep pushing it away from shore” Degnan said.

The back bay was too shallow and filled with muck for the boat to reach the girls. Degnan called off the boat and asked a jet skier if he could bring the girls in.

The unidentified man put both girls on his watercraft and towed the raft back in. The girls were embarrassed but OK, Degnan said.



Wonderful ending!


He's up for the chiefs job and you can't even spell his name right. DEgnan


Maybe if he is the new chief he could possibly get a grant for a jet ski. I know Yamaha had a great plan where govt. agencies could get a jet ski for nothing. I was in a Toledo repair shop and they were setting up two for Toledo a few years back. The service man told me all about it.
Little embarrassing when you have to ask the public to step in BC you don't have proper equipment.


I wondered about the equipment too. They cannot use the equipment they currently have for rescues in certain areas? That does not seem very safe.