Five eligible for fire chief position

Bettors take note: The odds are pretty good Sandusky’s next fire chief already works for the department
Andy Ouriel
May 15, 2014


Three of the five chief finalists hail from Sandusky’s fire department: captains Dave Degnan, Jim Green and Matt Lesch.

By July, a selection committee aims to select three finalists from this eligible five-person batch. The committee, led by city commissioner Naomi Twine and comprised of several city-based volunteers, narrowed down a list of 13 eligible applicants to five earlier this week.

“I do believe these five are some pretty decent candidates” Twine said.

In two months, then, newly selected city manager Eric Wobser should hire a new fire chief from these three applicants.

The fire chief’s position opened up earlier this month when Paul Ricci retired. City officials appointed Green to serve as interim fire chief until a permanent successor is chosen.

Ricci made about $95,000 in 2013. The annual pay range advertised for this position is between $69,000 and $105,000.

Sandusky fire chief finalists:
•Robert Bennett, Napoleon fire chief, 31 years of fire experience
•Dave Degnan, Sandusky fire captain, 17 years of fire experience.
•Jim Green, Sandusky fire captain, 32 years of fire experience.
•Patrick Johnson, Brook Park assistant fire chief, 27 years of fire experience.
•Matt Lesch, Sandusky fire captain, 15 years of fire experience.



You named 3 of the 5. Who are the other 2?

Jason Werling

GoBigLex2001- This was my mistake, they are listed now. Sorry for any inconvenience.


it dont matter there not from Sandusky! lol jk