West side fire station closed

SFD closes station due to financial situation/manpower
May 10, 2014

In a release from the Sandusky fire department...

Fire Station Closed!

Due to the cty’s current financial situation and reduced manpower for the day within the fire department, we are announcing that fire station No. 7, located at 3816 Venice Road will be closed from 7 a.m. on May 9 until 7:00 a.m. on May 10.

Primary fire and EMS apparatus will be responding from fire station No. 1 located at 600 W. Market Street and you can expect an increased response time for incidents on the west side of Sandusky.

For additional information or to voice your concerns, please contact your city commissioners at 419.627.5850.

Click here to find out why the fire station closed




Station 5 has been closed before and no one put it up on the Register site. The city needs to put a disclaimer on the closings, trying to sell us on a tax increase. People have been spoiled in the past with expected services and now that we have the station shut down for one or two days, the sky is falling.


First of all it is #7 closed, not #5. It is not a tax increase on the residents of Sandusky, it is on admission tax. This is the point, so us city residents do not pay. You pay it when you go to a Indians, browns, a concert, and ect. Read the article and meet me at city boilding Monday, May 12 at 5pm. Looking for donations to raffle off, if you Darkhorse would like to donate or better yet get on the committee to Rebuild Sandusky.

Comrade Boose

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Volunteer? Are you kidding me? Let's see how many "volunteers" there are to respond to the heroin OD that wakes up swinging once their "high" has been taken. If you think response times are increased now, let's add a 4-5 minutes to get to the station, and another 4-5 to respond for a total of at least 10-15 minutes before help arrives. Compare that to the typical 3-4 minute response now, lots of property and life loss is imminent.


How many of you ney sayers have the balls to run into a burning building to save someone? It is so easy to set here without putting your name to it, and make stupid comments. I am getting sick of seeing people comment on something they have no knowledge of. Get a life!


I said it three years ago snd I will say it again . The city is holding public safety hostage cause it voted down a tax levey and now they are still holding the safety hostage cause the tax payers said no knew taxes .
I have to wonder if maybe the residentz tax payers of Sandusky should stop hiding behind there key boards and pick up a pickit sighn and go xown for the next meeting . Let the people on the commission know they can and will be replaced if zomething is not done . I still hold the city rezponsable for the death of one of Sanduskys finist officerz xue to thd lack of support through lay offs and retirements .Get with it Sandusky before something else goes wrong.


The westend is the forgotten end of town. This is not surprising too US. We all knew,as soon as the overpass was finished,this would happen.

Comrade Boose

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As far as I'm concerned the Westside is Venice not Sandusky


It's time to move to the country townships take better care of the roads then Sandusky so does the state better than Sandusky.


This is how government punishes it's constituents when they refuse a tax increase. How dare we not give them more of our money. From the Federal on down, it is all corrupt.

Comrade Boose

Seems Sandusky Register is no longer posting station closing alerts.

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