West side fire station closed

SFD closes station due to financial situation/manpower
May 10, 2014

In a release from the Sandusky fire department...

Fire Station Closed!

Due to the cty’s current financial situation and reduced manpower for the day within the fire department, we are announcing that fire station No. 7, located at 3816 Venice Road will be closed from 7 a.m. on May 9 until 7:00 a.m. on May 10.

Primary fire and EMS apparatus will be responding from fire station No. 1 located at 600 W. Market Street and you can expect an increased response time for incidents on the west side of Sandusky.

For additional information or to voice your concerns, please contact your city commissioners at 419.627.5850.

Click here to find out why the fire station closed




Station one does not become over staffed. With 10 or 11 people on duty, 3 people are at station 3 and the remainder down at station 1 be it 7 or 8 members.


You never answered whether it would be possible to staff #7 with just 2 EMTs.

T. A. Schwanger



Thanks Mutley. That was what I was thinking.


If you are going to provide a service out of the west end fire station provide the whole service (fire/EMS). A gamble with insufficient staff will eventually bite you. Murphy does reside in Sandusky. Fortunately it hasn't bit Sandusky yet. It will. When it does a city full of arm chair managers and I told you will flood this newspaper blog and social media outlets demanding things change. Why settle for being reactive? Lets be proactive for a change to ensure we don't have that I told you so


I guess the WRONG people were voted in for commissioners. Where do their loyalties lie??!! Not with the citizens of Sandusky, that is for sure. Take back those raises and get rid of these commissioners asap.


This dilemma with closing fire station #7 during the busiest time of the year in Sandusky is not making the Commission look good.

According to the SPD roster January 2014 they've whacked about all they can whack off the police dept so the only thing left to whack seems to be the fire department.

Not a way to run the city and this erosion of services just didn't happen overnight it's a cumulation of all the cuts during the last 10 years.

If an increase in the admission tax is not a suitable solution then the best solution is to eliminate the city income tax and increase property taxes to cover city services--as Perkins does. This is the fairest solution because it taxes everyone equally. Too many loopholes are available in a city income tax to make it fair across the board.


Said this waaay before this closing. Many scoffed when decent paying jobs left our area. Stated city services would be "hit." Not too funny now.


The commisioners Meeting is May 12, Monday at 5pm I hope too see all you bloggers there! Remember 6 of our 7 voted against raising the admission tax for Sandusky! Besides closing 7 we have terriable roads too which is hard on our city equipment. Another 3% would take care our roads, infrastructure, and our safety forces.


I live and work on the west side. I would love to be there, however I work 630am until 8pm that day.

Comrade Boose

For updates on when fire stations are closed like www.facebook.com/RebuildSandusky on facebook they will send you alerts to station closings.


Do you really think that station 3, ( at the end of Cedar Point causeway) will be closed? No way! Too many lives living or working on that end of town. West Siders, it is time for you to stand up and demand services to your area.


That's not necessarily true if we are talking about number of souls.


I forgot about the 5000 workers at CP and the 30,000+ daily guests at CP. Other than that the West Side may even have more residents and workers than the East Side.

With staffing at #7 so iffy, it might be a good idea if the softball teams hire a Sandusky Fire Department EMS unit to be on hand during the summer games.


Out of fairness, why don't they alternate closing the east side and the west side firehouses ?

Licorice Schtick

We need more stations, not fewer. Everyone deserves to be within six blocks of a fire station! That would be, um, how many stations? Wait. What?

Comrade Boose

Although you are trying to be a smart a$$ about this subject you are right we need more stations based on the increase in calls over the past few years. In the mean time if you or anyone else in the city wants to know when stations are closed go to www.Facebook.com/RebuildSandusky like the page and they will send you an alert.


Time for Volunteers!

Comrade Boose

1. There are no such things as volunteers
2. You had a service that was and still is A plus
3. The commissioners caused this problem not the fire department
4. Wanna make a difference go to www.facebook.com/RebuildSandusky like the page and learn how to make a real difference


Um actually there is a such thing as Volunteer Firefighters. Look at neighboring communities.

Comrade Boose

Um the one volunteer department in the area responds to approximately 100 calls a year the city of Sandusky fire department does that many in about a week. So that being said if that so called volunteer department averaged 100 calls a week how long would they be volunteers not very long.


Is it really "RebuildSanusky"? Wouldn't it be a little more effective if "Sandusky" was spelled correct?

Comrade Boose

Must be Rebuild Sandusky that's where it takes you when you click on the link. A committee for passing a ballot initiative this fall for a 3% admission tax increase to help provide essential city services is what it says.


This 3 per cent tax increase is on the visitors, not us tax payers!


Par for the course in Sandusky. Must be a product of Sandusky Local Schools....lol


Yea and you can see that the city didnt close the one at the opening to cedar point . Everything that seems to get done you can bet its giing to be with cedar point and not the residents in mind . See where your hard erned tax dollars are going ?


This is just what I am thinking . The city neefs to stop thinking short term and start thinking long term . And relying on Cedar Point tax dollars and a very few factory jobs that are atill here are in no way going to keep a city in the black . Yes it is nice to have the Cedar Point tax dollars coming in the few months that they are . But the fact of the matter is we need to get factories back in the area that can increase the tax base that the city needs to keep this city up and in the black This is whats going to keep police and fire dept open and give the residents some tax money back in there pockets

JT Adams St

Actually, increasing the admissions tax is a way to keep the city in the black. A 3% increase in the admissions tax could generate $2.5 million in extra revenue for the city starting next year, and $2.5 million every year after that. Yes, the city should try to attract manufacturing jobs to the area. But that's a long-term project. In the meantime, it should avail itself of the resource it has - millions of tourists. If you go to Cleveland to attend a baseball game, you pay an 8% admissions tax. If you go to Macy's to buy a shirt, you pay a 7% plus sales tax. There's no reason why Sandusky shouldn't collect a 6% admissions tax.


Cedar Point has relied on the city resident's Taxes to supply a priority traffic route while streets haven't been addressed in 50 years in Venice Heights. Water and Sewage treatment was expanded to over 10 times the residents needs while Buchanan St and Pierce St haven't been repaved since the 1960's. Overpass was built in 1968, redesigned for 2 lanes to Cedar Point and Hancock St still has potholes exposing Street car rails and bricks. If you talk to the tourists, they will tell you that they are more than willing to pay an additional 5% in admissions tax to be able to avoid damage to their cars and ruined vacations as the broken suspensions cancel their planned stay in order to pay the car repairs. The condition of the streets should embarrass the commissioners. They are supposed to serve the citizens that elected them.

Dwight K.

I have an idea. How about noone have a fire or medical emergency. Boom problem solved :)

Truth or Dare

As I sit here, listening to trains slowly moving along, and reading this, it reminds me of the day I spent about 4 hrs. cleaning up the southwest corner (on the north side of the tracks) on Old's St a couple of Mondays ago. Within the first 45 minutes, from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. I counted 7 east/west bound trains, 2 slow moving Triple Crown Trains and 1 slow moving coal train, so you can tack on a definite 5 minutes easy for a coal train, which cuts off everyone living and doing business west of the coal tracks on W. Monroe and Edgewater, increasing an already increased response time from about 7 min. to a possible 12. Am I off there Comrade Boose?

Let's see, on the west side of the coal tracks there are homes, businesses, homes, a park with a splash pad and beach of which you swim AT YOUR OWN RISK, which needs some sand dumped, homes, the Erie County Health Dept., homes, businesses such as Tsubaki, the Sandusky Marina and boat storage, factories, homes, and our very own City Services. Guess it's been a while since anyone from the city (other then laborers) has traveled further then Lions Park? It would serve them well to learn that there are those that have invested in their homes/property and have lived within this neighborhood for decades and there are those from out of town that have purchased homes and the dilapidated property next to them to make fresh and new and spend their Summers here, their retirement, and all just a football throw from Sandusky Bay. I'll be sure to inform the new local and out of town neighbors of their closest Fire House closing.

Fire House #7 closes, and folks get raises, and there is talk of downsizing Commissioners, then they get a raise? I voted issues only, will continue to do so and will work towards the Admission Tax being raised and hopefully going to a Ward System. If there are folks of like mind out there, willing to be supportive, please take the time to attend the City Commission Meeting this Monday, May 12th. @ 5p.m. No big deal if you arrive late. Should there be but a couple of folks from the west end, I'll take it you all don't care to much about having to figure out who your First Responder is going to be should there be a fire or medical emergency! Hint: YOU, as long as you're able bodied, have a vehicle and can drive! My sis and I actually laughed our arses off discussing what they would find her doing to save her home. Which by the way will take at least 12 minutes to get to her place from #1. We're all basically forced to be our very own First Responders! Volunteers of sort! Keep in mind, trains block the Police as well Fire and EMT!