West side fire station closed

SFD closes station due to financial situation/manpower
May 10, 2014

In a release from the Sandusky fire department...

Fire Station Closed!

Due to the cty’s current financial situation and reduced manpower for the day within the fire department, we are announcing that fire station No. 7, located at 3816 Venice Road will be closed from 7 a.m. on May 9 until 7:00 a.m. on May 10.

Primary fire and EMS apparatus will be responding from fire station No. 1 located at 600 W. Market Street and you can expect an increased response time for incidents on the west side of Sandusky.

For additional information or to voice your concerns, please contact your city commissioners at 419.627.5850.

Click here to find out why the fire station closed



Kobayashi Maru

I noticed everyone is blaming the commissioners. The release is from the Fire department. If he's out of money, then he didn't budget correctly or he is allowing too much overtime. If you want to be upset with anyone it sounds like the Fire Chief is to blame.


Too much overtime? Typical lack of knowledge on the subject. They have no OT budget, that was given up in an attempt to prevent layoffs. It's rather hard to run a budget when the chief isn't given any money to utilize to build a budget.


So we close the fire station and give city administrators a salary increase. Guess we know where the priorities are of the leadership. Since these folks got raises maybe we can extend their normal workday to cover the closed fire station.


It's rediculous and sickening Gardenman. Time for this nonsense to come to a HALT! Happening everywhere and that's where all the money goes~check out the salaries of admin. everywhere!


They already work 24 hour shifts, what hours exactly do you propose that they extend?!

my oh my

There have been times in the recent past that station(s) have been closed that the public didn't know about....

here in ohio

I don't understand this from what it reads that's only one day ??

we are announcing that Fire Station No. 7, located at 3816 Venice Road will be closed from 7:00am on May 5th until 7:00am on May 6th.


I am assuming it was a "test run" of how well things went with the fire station closed for a short period of time.


You would assume wrong. Due to a recent retirement the on duty shift yesterday now only has 16 members. With 4 members off with contractual vacation and Kelly days. 1 member off on extended sick and another off on maternity leave, 10 members were on duty. 10 members is below the operating staff necesarry to keep all 3 stations open.


yeah, thats what you think.... so why dont they rotate closing fire stations, instead of closing the west side each time??


That's what I think?


Thats not going to give a true test cause the amount of calls is different from day to day . So if this is the case and they are running a test it isnt going to work .

Perkins Resident

Go to an all volunteer fire department. When I lived in PA that's what we had for a city larger than Sandusky. In fact, I recall most fire departments I came across were volunteer.


I would volunteer. However, I have one question, was this just a volunteer fire department? Sandusky fire departments run EMS as well, therefore I am not only worried about my house burning more because of response time, but also my family and neighbors health and safety due to longer response times.

Perkins Resident

If I recall correctly, the FD was volunteer and EMS was contracted out. Not sure about the particulars though. Maybe something to look into. Someone like North Central could be made responsible to collect ambulance fees from those that use and also abuse the service. Sandusky could possibly benefit by receiving a percentage of the funds that North Central bills out. Maybe something to look at.


Why get a percentage when you can get it all by providing the service. Why throw away a service the generates income to purchase and maintain apparatus and equipment as well as fund a few positions so that the General Fund doesn't have to provide monies for those things.

Perkins Resident

That went right over your head.


I don't believe so. Why get rid of a service that makes you at least 800k a year. How would a fraction of whatever a private company would make benefit the city? Their fraction I'm sure would be a hell of a lot less than 800k

Perkins Resident

Your overhead is gone. Must not be making too much with having to close a station.


See comment earlier in this story for the explanation of why it closed


the article states ... Due to the City’s current financial situation and reduced manpower for the day within the Fire Department.


Due to a recent retirement the on duty shift today now only has 16 members. With 4 members off with contractual vacation and Kelly days. 1 member off on extended sick and another off on maternity leave, 10 members are on duty. 10 members is below the operating staff necesarry to keep all 3 stations open.

Comrade Boose

Why are you worried about Sandusky's problems anyway? The fire department in Sandusky does a great job!!


Volunteer? Are you kidding me? Let's see how many "volunteers" there are to respond to the heroin OD that wakes up swinging once their "high" has been taken. If you think response times are increased now, let's add a 4-5 minutes to get to the station, and another 4-5 to respond for a total of at least 10-15 minutes before help arrives. Compare that to the typical 3-4 minute response now, lots of property and life loss is imminent.


What is closing the station for ONE day going to do?


Kill someone.


The fire station being closed was not to prove anything or show anybody anything. It was simply a matter of not enough staffing due to budget cuts. As far as private EMS, if you look at the cities that use it, most have to pay the company, not receive part of the billing. Also while SFD and the other fire departments in the area have dedicated people staffing ambulances for emergency calls only, private companies make their money on non-emergency transports. In other words North Central may put three ambulances in the city, but two are on out of town trips to Cleveland or wherever, leaving you with one ambulance for the whole city. Not always the best option. Same thing with volunteer departments. Nothing against volunteers, they serve their purpose, but you may get two or you may get ten to respond to a call depending on the time of day. You also then have to add the time for them to respond to the station, adding valuable time to a life or death situation. So you can either pay to have a fire and ems department that is highly trained, staffed 24/7 and ready to respond to your next emergency. Or you can take your chances that a private ambulance is available and not on a trip somewhere or that you have enough volunteers not at work themselves.
Also while station 7 may have a high elderly population, nursing homes and factories, they are also the slowest station. Running approx 15% of the calls SFD responds to, it makes most sense with the overpass now to shut that station down first. If you closed the downtown station or station 3, the trucks from the west side would be out of the area responding to the higher call volume of the east and downtown. Shutting down any station is a bad idea, but its all a roll of the dice and playing the odds once you do

T. A. Schwanger



A question for you.

As a for instance, if fire station #7 is closed for the day due to one fire fighter from the city wide crew being off, for whatever reason, what happens to the rest of the crew working at #7 that particular day?


Tim they are moved down to Station 1.


So, it is not possible to just staff #7 with 2 emts? Doesn't make sense to close #7 and then overstaff #1.

If #7 is the slowest of the stations then an obvious solution would be to shut it down for fire and just staff it for ems--but in the slow time of the year not the busiest.