West side fire station closed

SFD closes station due to financial situation/manpower
May 10, 2014

In a release from the Sandusky fire department...

Fire Station Closed!

Due to the cty’s current financial situation and reduced manpower for the day within the fire department, we are announcing that fire station No. 7, located at 3816 Venice Road will be closed from 7 a.m. on May 9 until 7:00 a.m. on May 10.

Primary fire and EMS apparatus will be responding from fire station No. 1 located at 600 W. Market Street and you can expect an increased response time for incidents on the west side of Sandusky.

For additional information or to voice your concerns, please contact your city commissioners at 419.627.5850.

Click here to find out why the fire station closed



The Answer Person

Can't hurt, can only help the financial plight. No one wants to pay so shut it down.



JT Adams St

Rebuild Sandusky is holding a spaghetti dinner at the Sail In on Sunday, May 18, from 11 am to 3 pm. We are raising funds to support a ballot initiative to increase the admissions tax. One of our goals is to keep Station No. 7 open for every shift of every day.


Sunday, May 18
11am to 3 pm

Corner of E. Monroe St & Meigs St


Is this a notice or an unpaid political advertisement for more taxes?


This is to inform you that there are people working to get the commissioners to to what they should have done years ago. Raise the admissions tax and REBUILD SANDUSKY!


If I lived in the west side of town, my rear would be at the next city commission meeting.


Gather together west Enders fight fight fight for your rights…

Dwight K.

Fight for your rights to call fire department for bogus calls?

A Young Adult's...

Shouldn't have sunk all of that money into the new station downtown. Should have renovated the existing two stations. The financial implications would not have hindered the response time in that case.


What I don't understand is if there is such a financial crisis then why did these same city commissioners just give ALL of the SALARIED employee's RAISES???!!! I think the citizens of this city should flood the next city commissioners meeting and DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!!!


I agree with Stepham2009 if the city is in such a financial crisis the commissioners should have not given out raises. The commissioners are only making the problem worse by giving out raises. The people on the west side should go down to the next city commission meeting and demand answers. You do not cut the safety forces they protect the citizens of Sandusky. My answer would be cut the fat at the city offices.


Standard Politician's MO - U want the public to give U more money, make cuts where it hurts them the most: fire and police safety. I guarantee that a thorough analysis of the city budget would bring areas to lights where the C.o.S. wastes taxpayer money, but the politicians intentionally stifle such conversations. Make the highest profile cuts as possible, the press gives them the most coverage possible, and the public gets frightened into giving the gov't. what they want.
Cleveland did the same thing last year. Cut 40 police officers, but keep the horticultural budget intact, and ignore all requests for comment about said decision.


Now we know where the money for these raises is coming from. Just take safety away from the citizens of Sandusky.


Shutting it down is not the answer. Those people deserve fire protection!!

Licorice Schtick

Everyone does have protection. Some are closer than others. How do you avoid that?


That was the point for building #7.

4-wheeler al

Lot of people like me over 60 plus lives on west side. time means life or death. My wife call them one time for me ,took them 5mins. to get here and15mins to hosp. after 10 days in ICU Iam alive and well. thank you station no. 7. Job well done

my oh my

As bad as the situation may seem is the fact there have been and will be times when 7's crew is out on a response either fire or EMS and you will still either have crews possibly responding from 1's or 3's or even mutual aid if available.I am not condoning the city's action(s) in anyway.


Maybe city commisioners should forgo their salaries until they can get their act together and put together a balanced budget, that provides adequate public safety services for ALL citizens.

We already don't get regular police patrols on the West end of town because they are always tied up with the trash downtown. Now we lose equal access to Fire/EMS coverage? We actually pay property taxes. The tourists, college kids, and foreign workers near station 3 DO NOT!


NO! NO! NO! Do not shut down #7!!!! What about the Lutheran memorial home, and Commons of Providence. #7 is essential to the west side! If I die because of response time I'm suing!!!! Find your money elsewhere Sandusky!!! Stop making bad decisions!!!!

Kobayashi Maru

If you die because of response time you won't be able to sue. You will be dead. Just saying.


LMAO!! Thank you for pointing out the absurdity of that statement.


station 7 and station 3 was closed today for a time, station 3 is now open staffed with overtime.


If station 7 and 3 were closed for a while today and station 3 opened staffed with overtime why wasn't station staffed with overtime people. I agree with RNR #7 runs a lot to either Common of Providence or the Lutheran Memorial Home for rescue runs or maybe the city commissioners do not care about the older folks in Sandusky.


Maybe if this town wasn't so full of useless, dumpy rentals there would be more decent people here to help pay so we can keep our firefighters and LE!!! Get rid of some of the TOP DOGS for a change~that's where all of the money is going everywhere~they are ALL OVER paid! I could go on and on~people running this town need to start get it right for a change!


Sandusky has always had a lot of rentals. In 1960 there were 7,291 dwellings with 3,783 owner occupied according to the city's website.

Ralph J.

Didn't Sandusky promise protection to Venice and points west of Sandusky before Sandusky annexed those places west? Broken promise again? Do those people pay Sandusky income taxes on the west side? How about cutting services to Cedar Point Road? OH NO!!


Why not farm out the Obama care stuffy nose ambulance runs to the local taxi companies? If you look at the fire numbers most of the calls are PMS runs for the freeloaders that need a lift to the ER for Obama care! We are waisting manpower on useless "emergency" calls.


Give it a rest!