Ceiling drops onto couple in bed

A ceiling collapsed on a Sandusky couple early Wednesday morning, sending the man to the hospital with injuries, according to a Sandusky police report.
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 28, 2014


A Foxborough Circle couple was in bed at about 4 a.m. Wednesday when a 4-by-12-foot chunk of drywall fell from overhead. It landed on the man, and the woman pulled a majority of the tile off him, the report said.


   When officers and firefighters arrived, however, a large piece was still resting on his lower legs and feet. Officials freed the man and took him to Firelands Regional Medical Center for treatment.


   Officers photographed the scene and informed WT Realty, the property owner, of the situation.


Stop It

Oh jeez. Drywall isn't that heavy unless he wants a lawsuit.


it is if there are large chunks of it and he should get some payment for the nightmare experience. when is the last time that you had a ceiling drop on you while you were sleeping?


If it were a go-over with 2 layers of drywall and all the lath, mud and topping, even the left over chunk on his legs could be well over 100 pounds.


If I paid thousands of dollars to get a house built and the ceiling fell on me in the middle of the night, I would sue someone too! That is ridiculous.

yea right

wow how dumb can you all get..number one try lifting a 4 by 12 ft peice of drywall..go ahead try it..with added mud and falling bout 6-7 ft yea thats heavy..and for you ladydye-5 yea you can..you hired to install it right..and it falls yes you can sue..duh..there is a proper way to install drywall..if the insurance determins it wasn't then yea sue the landlord for doing a shoody job


If I was this guy I'd sue W-T Realty! I hope that he does, because like i have stated before, the apartments out in that area are under-kept and only maintained "just enough" to pass inspections for Metro approvals. Heck from what I know from several tenants that currently live out there, there are infestations of bed-bugs throughout several of the apartment buildings. Ceilings falling...Bed-bugs crawling! Way to go W-T!


Yea Right, you are correct. Once you see the physics in the scenario, that would NOT have been fun in bed. And, depending on location and angle it hit, it could have been life threatening.

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If a leaky roof goes unrepaired for a long time…you’ll get a ceiling collapse.

Ralph J.

A 4-by-12 piece of drywall is about 100 pounds. Add to that the weight of a textured ceiling. The idiot that built my house never primed the ceiling drywall and a big chunk of the textured ceiling, not drywall, came crashing down. If that 4-by-12 piece of drywall came down edge first, that is a lot of impact energy.

yea right

you do not prime till after the mud dries..so if it failed then the mud was wrong


As far as the bed bugs and etc. go, maybe if the people that lived there took better care of their apts, some of that wouldn't occur. Is WT responsible for their furniture, are all these apts. furnished? If so, then yes I would say they should be accountable. My ex father-in- law rented out property and the people that lived there broke windows, couldn't light their furnace, plunge their own toilets when stopped up and etc.. We used to go clean up the filth that they left behind, so can't believe it's all WT fault for this happening. Maybe people that lived upstairs let water run over therefore weakening the ceiling. Shouldn't they be held a little responsible. No I don't work for WT, in fact don't even know what WT stands for.


Right, as you said you DON'T know what W-T stands for therefore, that means you don't know about W-T and the way in which they (barely) maintain these particular apartment buildings in THIS particular area - I made my comment based on facts/knowledge. When I was younger I lived out there so trust and believe me when I say, W-T does not maintain their Foxborough Circle/Pioneer Trail apartment buildings as they do their more expensive/better neighborhood counterparts - anyone who has lived out there in the past or who lives out there now can attest to that.


Between the Drywall, Sound board and mirrors i bet my ceiling above my bed weighs a good 200-250 pounds. But i made sure that the ceiling supports are weight tested up to 600 pounds so i could put in my swing.
Not only do these poor people need to put in a better ceiling system they might need to respark their love life while doing so.