Fire marshal moving on

Sandusky’s Rudy Ruiz accepts position as fire chief in Michigan
Andy Ouriel
Feb 20, 2014


Yet another high-ranking Sandusky fire commander plans to leave the department amid a tumultuous time.

Sandusky fire marshal Rudy Ruiz recently accepted a position as fire chief in Bedford Township, located in southern Michigan, just north of Toledo.

For Ruiz, who grew up in Toledo area, it’s a chance to advance his professional career.

“I’ve been working on trying to become a fire chief,” Ruiz said. “I’ve been looking for an opportunity to move up and continue to grow. I have had a lot of support trying to reach this position, and there was an opportunity there for me”

Ruiz, who started working for Sandusky fire in late 1991, could begin his new post as early as next month. Before becoming fire marshal, he also served as a firefighter and a paramedic.

But the longtime fire official dismissed any notion he’s leaving because of the city’s financial fiasco.

A $1.1 million shortfall in Sandusky’s $16.3 million everyday operating budget for 2014 calls for eliminating four full-time fire positions. Full-time staffing levels should drop from 53 today to 49 in May.

Ruiz’s departure also comes about a month after Sandusky fire Chief Paul Ricci announced his intention to retire in October.

A fire marshal is largely responsible for inspecting high-hazard facilities, such as hospitals and schools, and to proactively reduce or eliminate possible risks causing fires in structures. The fire marshal also acts as a community liaison, informing people how they can stay safe and prevent fires from happening.



Another employee gone, third one so far. I wish Rudy the very best. Maybe, he can come back some day as Chief when the city gets its act together. I can't blame him for grabbing onto the opportunity.


And they are dropping like flies


Are you guys serious!? You're actually going to try to say he's leaving due to the budget? The man had an opportunity to further his career, that's it. As we have seen here in town, chief searches don't happen over night! I'm sure this has been several months in the making. Good luck and best wishes Chief Ruiz


I thought the article referenced him moving closer to home; not some beef with the City? Sheesh you 2. Best of luck Rudy!


Trying to make controversy out of nothing .

Truth or Dare

Hmm, gee, I don't know, the two top spots within the SFD retiring and moving along? With the looming ENORMOUS co$t cut$ coming out of the Fire Dept., I wouldn't blame him if it was a decision based upon that and the unwillingness to continue to be a party to the mismanagement of taxpayer $$$$ and the lack of transparency and accountability that come with it!

Thank you Fire Marshall Ruiz, and Chief Ricci! Hoping and praying you've influenced the younger generation as to honor, humility and good stewardship in serving the public as you have! Guess that will remain to be seen. Stand proud and God speed, as you will be missed!