Boy, 6, plays with matches; home burns

A Sandusky home was severely damaged Thursday evening after a 6-year-old boy accidentally set it ablaze while playing with matches.
Courtney Astolfi
Jan 10, 2014


Dora Ross, 66, called Sandusky firefighters to her home in the 500 block of East Adams St. shortly before 6 p.m., after her great-grandson told her he’d started a fire in a back bedroom, Ross said.

The child later admitted to firefighters he’d dropped a lit match onto a pile of clothes, Sandusky fire Capt. Jim Green said.

After the clothing ignited, the fire quickly spread throughout the back portion of the home, causing significant damage. The front of the home also sustained serious smoke damage, Green said.

Firefighters received Ross’s call at 5:50 p.m. and knocked down the brunt of the blaze by 6:03 p.m. But the flames had also spread into the walls, traveling up to the second floor and into attic, Green said.

Firefighters tore out ceiling tiles and broke windows for better access to the upper-story flames. They quelled that portion of the fire quickly, having it completely subdued by 6:17 p.m.

Fire Chief Paul Ricci estimates 50 percent of the home was completely damaged.

Ross has lived in the home about six years. She told the Register she’s been on a waiting list for a new apartment since September, and she finally had a meeting scheduled for today to start that process.

Now she’ll have to contend with fallout from the fire.

Ross said she was sitting in a front room when the boy first approached her.

She said the boy told her, “Granny, I accidentally set a fire in Kiki’s room”

Ross said she quickly sent the boy back to his mother’s home a short distance away, then grabbed her purse and phone and fled the burning home before calling 911.

“I wasn’t trying to stop, drop and roll” she said.



I'm glad to hear everyone made it out safely. You can replace possessions. Great job SFD!


Monetary donations for the victims are being accepted at the Quality Inn front desk (Cleveland Rd)


Thank you for that information Joker. How long will they except donations? I won't be able to make it out there until Monday.

Stop It

I hope someone tells him to not run with scissors.


well just be glad the fire equipment didnt feeze up like in the huron couty fire , In that fire the house was burned down . And it was due to fire personal not having water to put it out


Who has matches now?

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Someone please give that child some toys to play with!