Man falls into bay

Authorities respond to call of man falling in Sandusky Bay near coal docks
Andy Ouriel
Dec 12, 2013


UPDATED (11:26 p.m.) — Sandusky police Lt. Danny Lewis identified the man falling into the bay as Oscar Dias, of Canada.

Dias allegedly was working on a Canadian boat, coined CSL Laurentien, when he fell off the boat's back end, hit a wire and plunged into the bay. The boat was picking up coal.

Lewis said authorities didn't notice any signs of injury.

Dias was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center for hypothermia and other issues he was complaining about. It's expected he'll be taken by Life Flight to a nearby hospital.

UPDATED (11:03 p.m.) — Authorities found the man in the water. They pulled him out of the water and noticed he injured his leg after he couldn't pull himself out of the water.

They rushed him to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

ORIGINAL STORY (10:50 p.m.) —  Sandusky police and fire rushed to the coal docks off West Monroe Street around 10:20 p.m. Wednesday for a call about a man falling into the bay.

Several police officers, firefighters and railroad personnel frantically searched around the area to find the man.

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Why does it seem like everyone is life flighted for the smallest things?


Good question! Even Randleman was life flighted. What was that about?


Due to Firelands level 3 trauma center verification they are required to send patients with severe life/limb threatening emergencies to a level one trauma center. This article doesn't give a detailed description of the injuries so I can only make the assumption that the injuries the man sustained were life or limb threatening and required specialized trauma care that firelands is unable to provide. Ohio actually has trauma regulations in place that govern where trauma is sent once it enters the emergency medical system. Firelands follows these regulations.


Was his arm about to fall off or was his life about to end? Try again!


State of Ohio passed a trauma bill a few years back. If he meet they criteria they have to fly him. But the store doesn't say he WAS flown out.


Uh, the authority in the article that stated he did not appear to be injured was a cop. I wouldn't go by that as cops are not trained in EMS. I have under more than one occasion rolled up on scene only to have a cop tell me a patient didn't appear to be injured and then when I examined the patient their blood pressure was way below normal and they had signs and symptoms of an internal injury. Sooo...try again! Since when did you know become an expert on trauma and medical emergencies?


Try again GI Joe. We are talking about two different guys! Pay attention. Since when do you get life flighted for low blood pressure and an idiot would suspect internal injuries after certain accidents. Are you suggesting you are an expert? Check a few blood pressures and all of a sudden you are the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More proof of your complete ignorance. How about you stick to your janitorial duties and leave EMS to those of is who have been doing it for decades? Hmmm?


Because Firelands is a first aid station with lights.


Firelands is not a band aid station. They are a certified level 3 trauma center and while they cannot keep major trauma there due to the fact that they lack some of the physician specialties required, they do a pretty good job. In fact many of the nurses there also work on LifeFlight including the ER director. Most towns I have lived in that are about the same size as Sandusky would love to have a hospital the caliber of Firelands.


Firelands would want to cut the leg off. Better he got lifeflighted. Should someone break it to him that our health care is not free?


The "UPDATES" are just scanner traffic, not always true to what is exactly going on.


Amen. Very little information can now be gleaned from scanner traffic. Most Police, Fire and EMS do their main communication via cell phone and mobile data terminals. The paper and the general public would not be privy to this information.

Andy Ouriel

Goodtime and KnuckleDragger,

I was out on the scene last night. These updates came directly from myself being out at the coal docks and calling police afterwards to find more details.

Plus, how could I have taken a picture of the incident at the scene? Certainly not by just "scanner traffic."