Sandusky County fills seat

Republicans name Schwochow as new county commissioner
Tom Jackson
Apr 9, 2014


Sandusky County Republicans have named Charles Schwochow as a new county commissioner for the county.

Schwochow will fill the unexpired term of Matt Damschroder, who stepped down to take a job as a Fremont firefighter.

Schwochow will take office today, said Justin Smith, chairman of the Sandusky County Republican Party. Schwochow will also be the Republican candidate for the post when voters pick a new commissioner in November. Democrat Wilson Forney and independent John Cahill also are running.

The Sandusky County Republican Party’s central committee had been asked to choose between Schwochow and Stanley Root Jr., 62, a former member of the Fremont school board.

Root withdrew and threw his support behind Schwochow.

He also told the Republicans that he wished other possible candidates had been told Damschroder was quitting, so that they, too, would have had a chance to run. Schwochow filed shortly before filing ended for write-in candidates.

“I think he made his point,” Schwochow said. “I think maybe he’ll be a candidate later on down the line”

Schwochow, 58, owns 1st Choice Portable Staging, which provides temporary stages for performances at county fairs and other events.

He said he has tried to prepare for his new job.

“I’ve been going to the meetings and trying to keep up with the issues that they’re talking about” he said.

The appointment will give voters a chance to assess Schwochow’s performance before the election, Smith observed.

“I feel he will do a good job as commissioner, and I think the voters will approve of the job Charlie will do” Smith said.


Ed Longknocker

Hopefully Charlie will bring some business sense to the Board. The Board has always justified its decision to cut departments a certain percent across the board, but that just does not work in today's economic climate. The Board maintains it is the only fair way to accomplish budget cutting, but if one department's expenses climb 50% (and show likelihood of continued increase), and another's climbs 25%, is it the "fair" way to make budget cuts? I fear their rationalization is invalid. It is an excuse for laziness, pure and simple. This surprises me, as for some years they have had a "Administrator" who does all of their work, except sign documents. This "doing things as they have always been done," does not work. I hope Charlie shows some vision, but I have my doubts. The Sandusky County Republican Party has little interest in joining the 21st Century. We will probably need a NEW voice.

Ed Longknocker

Are Farmers Business Men?
Often we have commissioners who are farmers. I have heard a lot mentioned about the business acumen it takes to operate a farm. Really? Agriculture is the most, regulated, controlled and protected industry in the country. It harks back to USSR farming. Saying you are a businessman because you are a farmer, is like applying for a position at Goldman Sachs with a Bachelor's Degree in Socialist Economics. Seeing Charlie is already "taken in" by the farming industry, and the tightly-controlled-self-serving Republican Party, I fear the only choice the county has is to follow the City of Fremont, and give the other party a chance.