GOP poised to name replacement

Friday was last day for Sandusky County commissioner as he joins the firefighter ranks
Tom Jackson
Mar 25, 2014


Matt   Damschroder really likes working as a firefighter.


   So much so that he’s given up a good job — Sandusky County commissioner — to take a job as a Fremont firefighter. His last day on the job as a county commissioner was Friday.


   Damschroder, 32, of Lindsey, said the city of Fremont’s personnel policies will not allow him to be involved in partisan politics.


   “There was a county commissioner in Seneca who was a commissioner and also served on the Tiffin Fire Department” he said.


   Fremont’s policies won’t allow that, and Damschroder has been trying to join the Fremont Fire Department for some time.


   “It’s one of those things I’ve always really enjoyed,” Damschroder said.


   Even though he has landed a fulltime firefighter job in Fremont, that’s not enough firefighting for him. He also plans to continue serving as a volunteer firefighter in Lindsey.


   “It’s a volunteer job, so if you’re available, you go” he said.


   Damschroder said although he couldn’t pass up the opportunity, he enjoyed being a county commissioner.


   “It was a bittersweet decision” he said. “I am sad to leave the county. It was a good group of people to work with”


   Damschroder also had to remove his name from the ballot for this year’s elections.


   His exit from the race leaves two candidates for his post: Republican write-in candidate Charles Schwochow, 58, of rural Fremont, and Democratic candidate Wilson Forney, 49, of Fremont. If Schwochow wins his write-in campaign, his name will be on the ballot in November as the Republican candidate, said Barb Tuckerman, director of Sandusky County’s election board.


   Meanwhile, because Damschroder is a Republican — he’s distantly related to another local Republican politician, state Rep. Rex Damschroder — Sandusky County’s Republican Party will name a replacement to fill in for the rest of this year.


   Schwochow is a candidate for that appointment, but other candidates are also being allowed to apply, said Justin Smith, chairman of the Sandusky County Republican Party. The Republican Central Committee plans to meet April 8 to make a decision.


   Smith said it makes sense to him to name Schwochow to the post, so he can run as an incumbent.


   “I’m speaking personally,” Smith said. “I think it makes the most sense for the party”



Charles Schwochow used to work at a tire shop in Fremont and he sold me a set of used tires as "new". When I went back to have them checked, they told me they never even sold that brand.
I'm loloking at you, dishonest repuglican farmer guy.
You the next commissioner?
Perfect fit I would say!
I should have known that he is a repuglicon.


And by the way, you repugs can figure out who this commenter is by Charlies acute memory, or was the tire scam something you pulled on many people as I might assume?
YOu guys make me sick.
Literally sick.
Ever meet the genius smith guy they have as the repug party head in Sandco?
I mean really, WOW!

Erie County Resident

More than a bit off topic aren't you holysee?
This is about Damschroder not Schwochow.
Crawl back in your liberal jack-in-the-box and crank the handle some more.

Peninsula Pundit

I'm pleased to see that many of my past posts stick with the reader so well that they are re-used by those who they were originally directed against.(Jack-in-the-Box crank)
It shows the lasting effect of powerful prose.
Mr. Westerhold, is that Investigative Reporter position still open?

Darwin's choice

Dipping too much holy water?

Dr. Information

holysee is another poster reincarnated. Probably the one who attacked everyone and threatened to hunt them down and was given the permanent boot.

Couldn't stay off the blogs could you chump.

In The Know

Congrats Matt, sure it won't be long, you'll move up the ranks. Then we will see you as another lame duck or crooked chief, just as the current and past ones have been. Good ole boy network at it's finest right there folks.

Peninsula Pundit

It's the name game, really.
Just like Celebreeze in Cleveland.
And kudos to holy see for some personal background on the candidates.

the office cat

Why is the chairman of the Republican Party expressing his admiration for one candidate when others still may apply - fortet the 'disclaimer; - he still should remain impartial. Of course as we saw in the other Damschroder campaign he endorsed one when another already had written in and another had expressed interest.
Anyone but Schwochow appointed to the vacancy will only be in office through December - a TRUE placeholder for the party because s/he will not be eligible to run in any capacity against the Republican nominee.
Schwochow only needs 50 write-ins.

the office cat

Remember EARLY VOTING commences April 1.... how interesting.
April 7 is last day to register to vote.
Remember, also, the ballow you take is how you'll be listed until the next primary.
And YES... you can vote differently than you did in the 2012 Primary.


Always interesting things going on here. Is the Damschroder lawsuit complete?


From the picture, it looks as if he's a nice guy, but I'm always amazed that young Republicans already look like stiff, old farts.

Darwin's choice


Here's something else for you coastertroll....

"Barack Obama is the political equivalent of Justin Bieber, a played out and utterly vacuous public figure who now grates the nerves of most everyone who resents the fact he exists at all…"

Peninsula Pundit

No attribution?
It is within quotation marks.


All you have to do is copy and paste it into your favorite search engine and come up with CNN.

It would take about the same time and effort as posting on here.