Man incompetent for trial in high-speed, fatal crash

A driver who troopers say was traveling at more than 125 mph has been found incompetent to stand trial on charges that he killed a 77-year-old couple in a fiery crash.
Associated Press
Mar 15, 2014


The decision by a judge in northwestern Ohio means Andrew Gans, of Kent, will be sent to a psychiatric hospital in Toledo. Doctors will have a year to determine if Gans can become competent to stand trial, his attorney said.

Gans had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to vehicular homicide charges after authorities say he struck a minivan on the Ohio Turnpike in November, killing a Toledo couple.

Troopers said Gans was driving so fast that they weren’t able to catch or keep up with his car before the crash near Fremont, about 40 miles southeast of Toledo.

A Sandusky County judge on Tuesday ruled that Gans was incompetent to stand trial following a mental health evaluation, said attorney Terry Rudes.

Gans has a history of mental health issues and has been hospitalized for psychiatric care before, Rudes said. Prosecutors likely would try to keep Gans at a psychiatric hospital if he can’t be deemed competent for trial, his attorney said.

Troopers said Gans told them after the crash that he had been drinking and took prescription drugs, but authorities later said blood tests showed he did not have either in his system.

Gans suffered injuries that were not life-threatening and was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation soon after the crash.

The victims, Wilbur and Margaret McCoy were trapped inside of the minivan, investigators said.


Bottom Line

This is such bull$#!t. This mother f@%&er was inches away from killing me thanksgiving night. And he did murder two defenseless people. That was his choice. Put a bullet in his head. Can I volunteer to do it?

pigeon farmer

he is a god fearing man and has asked for forgiveness. he is forgiven and walks with the lord. you too can join him and the lord if you open your heart to jesus and accept his warmth deep within you.

Good 2 B Me

God fearing? That legend has no place in this. He is PRISON FEARING!

Bottom Line

How many false assumptions can you cram into a post?


If he's not competent to stand trial, then keep him incarcerated until he is. There is no way this guy should see the light of day until he is mentally fit to be tried and sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. Either way, this guy does not deserve to walk/drive free among us.


I agree with Bottom Line! These "not guilty by reason of insanity" pleas are a crock!!! I mean I guess I could understand if a person wasn't doing things like driving, but having taken my mom for her driver's license renewal - even though we all knew with the advanced stage of her alzheimer's she was beyond getting behind the wheel of a car but she wanted to get one and I took her for it - the process took well over an hour to pass the test and she had more restrictions on her driving than she had allowances. Do I believe that he has mental issues? Maybe. Should he be getting a year before he has to pay for his crime of taking the lives of those two innocent people? Absolutely not!!!! This is a joke!!


Driving 125 + mph through "slower" traffic for extended periods requires considerable competency.

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Agreed. Exactly the point.

Simple Enough II

Some part of his brain was firing properly


doG forgives him.
Says so in the doog koob.
If he finds doG, he can be released in society again with a drivers license.


Wow!!!!! It is almost unheard of to be declared unfit to stand trial.

2cents's picture

"has been hospitalized for psychiatric care before"

Because of changes in the laws forced by the ACLU this man was on the road, just as Adam Lanza was on the street. Some people need extended observation or just throw away the keys.


Anyone driving 125+ miles per hour on a highway has mental problems but that shouldn't mean he isn't held responsible for his actions.


My question is not to insult anyone, or spit out stupid remarks with no consideration for anyone involved. However, I do have one important question. If he has had "Gans has a history of mental health issues and has been hospitalized for psychiatric care before," then where was the mental professionals, the system, the people who treated this young man. Why was he ever given a drivers license, Who gave him a set of keys to get behind a 3,000 lb weapon? The system has failed everyone here. Let's not repeat it again. Let's make sure he stays in hospital care, restricted access and PLEASE take away his privaledge to drive an automobile.


Ghall62, you have hit the nail on the head. People like this will always be with us, but where were the people and institutions who are supposed to protect society from these types of individuals? Big Brother Government insists upon sticking its nose ever further into the lives of its law-abiding citizens, but when we need help to keep people like this from hurting other people, all we hear is excuses and finger pointing. (Or maybe we could just ban cars - if there were no cars then this would never have happened.)


I say if he was competent enough to have a drivers license and be behind the wheel of a car, then he should be competent enough to be held accountable for killing two innocent people!!! The laws the laws the laws....always there to protect the defendant, hardly ever there to bring justice for the victim!


It seems if he isn't competant to stand trial now, he can't use the defense of not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect can he? He would have to be able to assist his attorney in his case and understand the charges against him to be considered sane enough to stand trial, correct? Then he could stand trial so he can be put to death or go to jail for life, right?

So why all the fuss, he is going to go to jail anyway you can count on this, it is just going to take a little more time. Frankly, I think the guy deserves the needle, so I hope he hurries up and someone realizes he is probably caggy like a fox and is faking all this.

Eventually he will screw up and get caught. Most of them do.


They will keep him in a mental institution until he is fit to stand trial. They will simply try to get him mentally stable enough that he can comprehend the legalities and then he will be put on trial. He hasn't gotten out of anything. Competency and not guilty by reason of insanity are two totally separate things. I agree with a previous commenter though, it is very rare that someone is deemed unfit to stand trial.