Fremont Ross coach quits after arrest

Johnny Alridge allegedly had sex with student in February
Jun 5, 2014


A Fremont Ross assistant track and football coach was arrested Wednesday after admitting to having a sexual relationship with at least one underage student, according to Sheriff's Capt. Sean O'Connell.

There also could be other victims, O'Connell said. 

O’Connell told the Fremont News-Messenger on Wednesday police received information a 17-year-old female student had met with Johnny Alridge, 36, of Fremont, at the Great Lakes Motel several times. The meetings began in February.

The student confirmed the relationship occurred, and the sheriff's department was able to retrieve text messages and other communication between Alridge and the student detailing their plans to get together.

Alridge, who was to coach ninth-grade football in the fall, has resigned.

Alridge "did admit he has had sexual encounters with this 17-year-old, several times since February," O'Connell said. But the sheriff's office has received information suggesting other students might also have had relationships with Alridge.

"We're asking, if there are other students out there that have been propositioned by him or have had sexual contact with him, we would like to know that," O'Connell said. "He's a coach for a school in which these victims are students," he told the News-Messenger.

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COACH...good thing they didn't spell it with a K.


Now it is fixed.


But you don't usually point spelling errors out! Omg, it was a typo!


Yep, it was funny. In the headline from a professional that gets paid to be able to hopefully SPELL. That I will point out. When spelling is part of your JOB, you should run spell check on something before you hurry off to be the first to print.

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Finding fault with others is what gives her sad life meaning.


I am not quite sure why you think my life is so sad. I have a very happy, full, entertaining life.

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I thought that was your job thinkagain?


Finding fault with others....that's exactly what sanctimonious Thinkagain is known for...


No possible reason for a 36 year old to be sleeping with a 17 year old..... Ever. Gross.


Uhhhh , it's Sandusky County, there is another reason.

HE WAS TEACHING HER, it's ok, no harm no foul, he was teaching her how to be a good lover.

If its good for Ricky, it's good for every other perp out there in Sandusky County!


I've been out of high school for over 10 years and he was doing this same crap when I was in school. This isn't his first and only, he just thought he wasn't going to get in trouble


Teachers have been having sex with students for........EVER!


For all you people that are shocked, keep in mind, if he wasn't a coach it would be perfectly legal in Ohio for him to have sex with a 17 yr old female. The age of consent for sex in Ohio is 16, and yes that means that a 16 yr old can even have sex with an 80 yr old if they wish.


What a dumb comment from a shade tree attorney. You just don't get it do you. I guess you give a free pass to all the priests that had sex with their students, if they were 16??


No I don't give a pass to priests (I'm not catholic). Not a shade tree attorney. It is fact, look up the ORC. Fact is what the coach did was illegal and he will pay for it. I was just pointing out the FACT that a 16 yr old can consent to sex with anyone they please, even an adult.


You are right !


This punk should get a minimum of 15 years in prison with Big Bubba plus being tied to a chair and let the minor's parents (if there are any) work him over with a rubber hose. This is the lowest of the lows and Fremont school district had to know about this for all the years he has been doing it. Complete lack of background checks and follow ups.


Would you be saying the same had the coach been a female having sex with a 17yr old boy?


That would be a big fat NO!


The question was directed at 8ball but I agree with you, there should be no double standard. Man or woman, you bed down with a kid you should receive the same punishment.


I know. I just answered for him.


Par for the course with this family group in the news. The last time his relation who was also a high school coach at Lakota admitted to selling marijuana to a Ross High student. NO CHARGES THOUGH When you step back and take a look at the WHOLE family picture you realize the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! The whole bushel is rotten to the core!




Sadly many "small" communities knew /know of teachers like this. Willard had Coach *ill.