Sandusky County jail inmate hangs herself

A female inmate at the Sandusky County jail committed suicide Thursday night
Associated Press
Mar 3, 2014

A corrections deputy found Mary Eberly, 38, of Fremont, in her housing unit at 7:16 p.m., according to The Toledo Blade.

She was found hanged with a telephone cord, the paper reported.

Eberly was not on any type of medical or health watch.

Police arrested Eberly on Feb. 25 and charged her with theft. She was sentenced in Fremont Municipal Court to 45 days in jail for a probation violation, the Blade reported.

Calls into the Sandusky County Sheriff’s office were referred to Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

No report was available, deputies said.

Overmyer did not return repeated phone calls over two days to his cell phone and office.


Seen it All

Phone cord? Do they all have phones in their cells? What's going on over there!?!!


They have a pay phone in the main housing area. I'm sure most jails do.


Yet another Sandusky county mysterious death. Someone needs to check this entire county out for corruption.Seriously, I phone cord in a jail cell since when


Agreed! WHO is gonna put an end to the corruption???


I knew they had installed stripper poles in all the females cells, but I didn't know they got their own phones too! I'm going to county!


BabyMomma, your insensitive remarks on every story do not make you "Cool" by any means!! This woman was related to a friend of mine, and although I didn't know the woman who killed herself, I still have enough class about myself to not poke fun or jokes at such a tragic event. You, and others like you need to go to some classes that teach you about class and respect for the human race, because you have NONE!!!


Well put! No matter the situation there's no reason for remarks like those that were made. The situation is already suspicious enough but then to have inappropriate comments being made in an open forum where friends and family of this young woman can see them are just that - inappropriate.

So sorry for your friend's loss lmalley.


Oh yeah...and I'm adding my sympathies for the woman who died and her family who now have to endure the pain of losing her in such a manner!


Amen Imalley77...This is not funny at all! BabyMomma grow up!


How many more people have to die in Sandusky County before someone starts to pay attention? Way too many deaths in one county jail.


A good way to prevent this is STOP DOING THINGS TO GET ARRESTED!!But yes there is a huge problem in that county

Matt Westerhold

Your logic is distorted, rbenn. If you get arrested you should not die in jail (Burdine) or be allowed to commit suicide in a jail cell with a telephone cord. And a jail where a death occurs should be able to provide an initial report of that death.  


Matt, how is his logic distorted? He is absolutely correct. Don't do stupid stuff that is going to get you arrested in the first place. Problem solved.


Right. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility for their own actions. It is ALWAYS somebody else's fault.


Is it possible that the police arrest some people for stupid or wrongful reasons and that there are more efficient methods than jail for incidents like misdemeanor probation violations? Did she have a hearing, did she have an opportunity to make bail?

Maybe she was depressed because of the unfairness of her arrest and jailing or the lack of protection of her rights?

I felt the same way about the mentally ill woman who was jailed and sexually exploited for a misdemeanor and denied her medications. People have no idea of the abysmal conditions in these jails and the lack of fairness in many court hearings that result in unnecessary incarcerations.


Many of your questions can be answered if you would take the time to read the article Babo.


Actually there is little factual information in the story such as the nature of the crime (how much did she steal) and the nature of her probation violation. The questions are rhetorical in nature and intended to induce questioning of the legal processes and policies that placed her in a jail and the lack of professionalism in that jail, i.e. critical thinking.


If you read my comment Matt, it did state that I agreed there was a problem in that county. And I stand by my comment.

Matt Westerhold

Generally, a person is innocent until proven guilty, rbenn, and should not be subject to death, sexual exploitation or other actions that might go beyond that standard. That's how it's supposed to work. 


again u seemed to miss the part where I said that there is a problem in Sandusky county. Things are not right there and need to be investigated.

Matt Westerhold

No, I see that, rbenn. You seem to be missing the "innocent until proven guilty" part. 


Your article implies she was found guilty of a probation violation and sentenced to 45 days. There's the innocent until proven guilty


Rbenn, you will not win your argument with westerhold. Those that have tried have never been seen again! Apparently Westerhold has a woody for LE after his run in with LE.


Yea well in some jailypu are guilty on till proven innocent.It just goes to show you that the jails have you guilty before even going to court regardless if they are the arresting officer or jailer


Are you insinuating that the officers knew she was going to kill herself? Your suggestion that they allowed her to do so implies they had knowledge of her intentions and did nothing to stop it.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

It is odd for sure. Maybe it's because I've been watching a lot of Supernatural lately but maybe it's haunted? The comment is in half-jest, but meant to bring up that with the reputation/public sentiment that is being developed there...

"We can't go there, that's the old Sandusky County place!"

Some open communication and PR campaign may help to clear the air.


@babymomma....I can't agree with these other people any insensitive could you possibly be!!!!! Must be a reason your name is babymomma... Because I call my self Mom or a crude!!!




it seems to me that babymomma's comment went to the crookedness and corruption in sandusky county, not to this woman or her family.


No, it seems to me that she insists on posting ridiculous comments about any and every article in the newspaper! I feel really sorry for her that she doesn't have more class, and even self respect for her image as it is portrayed on media/social networking sites. Is she really THAT starved for attention that she has to always be the "class clown" and start with the insensitive comments? A comment of, "sympathy for the deceased and her family," would have sufficed! NOT talking about stripper poles and then saying she's going to the county!! She is distasteful the majority of the time in these comments, and really needs to grow up!!!