Sandusky County jail inmate hangs herself

A female inmate at the Sandusky County jail committed suicide Thursday night
Associated Press
Mar 3, 2014

A corrections deputy found Mary Eberly, 38, of Fremont, in her housing unit at 7:16 p.m., according to The Toledo Blade.

She was found hanged with a telephone cord, the paper reported.

Eberly was not on any type of medical or health watch.

Police arrested Eberly on Feb. 25 and charged her with theft. She was sentenced in Fremont Municipal Court to 45 days in jail for a probation violation, the Blade reported.

Calls into the Sandusky County Sheriff’s office were referred to Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

No report was available, deputies said.

Overmyer did not return repeated phone calls over two days to his cell phone and office.



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Mr. Westerhold I agree that it is always terrible when someone takes their own life. But I have news for you it happens. If she didn't say anything to anyone about her plans how could of it been avoided. As matter of fact people have attempted to end their lives in your beloved Erie county jail. So get over your hatred for Sandusky County and move on with your life.


Really? I have lived in major cities where "inmate deaths" have occurred-suicide,combative,etc. and I'm sorry but to encounter the same type of crap here is inexcusable. I have been incarcerated and have a family. The pattern of behavior that is being exhibited scares me to death. It needs to brought out in public, not condoned and be investigated. Matt,IMO you're doing your job and doing it well. This should NEVER be considered acceptable-NEVER!!


There are cameras in the main housing area, so I'm sure they have video of it happening. It is my understanding that she was found by the other female inmates, not the CO.

Matt Westerhold

I'm not a hater. That requires energy that is destructive. 


Oh yes don't get arrested! I will keep that in mind next time I set out for a night on the town,
B/C its always in my plans. C'mon Man!!!!! No one wants to get arrested and plans on most of the time they don't plan on doing the bone head things that get them in the country jail for a few days. Duh. Its only common sense here guys. No one should have to worry about the safety of themselves or their loved ones while they are in custody. It is absurd that these people can't manage to keep their inmates alive. What a joke. The state should come in and clean house of this large group of losers. Losers Losers Losers!!!


Well said happy feet.. At least their are a few people with an actual brain in here.....


No one wants to get arrested or plans on it. Most of the time they don't plan on doing the bone headed things that land them in the slammer


She was not under mental health care, but should have been. She clearly didn't commit suicide and leave her children and longtime love behind because of a 45 day sentence. What is the screening process for suicidal thoughts? Is there one? How long does it take for the mental health counselors to respond to a referral or a request and how often do they receive care? If someone is suicidal they will find a way to do it, even in jail.

I hope you have finally found peace Mary.


No no no no no !! And I apologize if I'm wrong, but isn't this the place where if you have a mental condition they put you in a cell and make you perform sex acts on yourself while they watch ?

Ralph J.

I remember being locked up in Fremont's police city jail on false traffic charges. They took away my belt and shoe laces. How did a phone wire get into the county jail? That is the question.


It was the pay phone wire in the the main area of the block


Correct, but that area is supposed to be monitored. So how did it happen without anyone (inmate or CO) intervening?

Ralph J.

Where are the surveillance camera tapes to confirm this? The sheriff is supposed to ensure the safety of the inmates. Is there proof that Mary committed suicide or did another inmate kill her? Either way, the sheriff did not keep Mary from harms way as required by law.