Sandusky Schools to talk facilities

The plan aims to “dramatically redefine the delivery of academic and educational services in our schools and to position our students to compete at a global level”
Sandusky Register Staff
May 21, 2014


The Senior Leadership Team at Sandusky Schools will host an important facilities update meeting tonight at Sandusky High’s cafeteria. After reviewing 10 possible options from a master plan, the team — led by superintendent Eugene Sanders — chose a plan concerning current facilities that will benefit the community and future students.

Read more about what is planned by downloading the pdf below

The plan stems from the transformation plan, which was revealed March 27 during a keynote address at the Sandusky Rotary Club. The plan aims to “dramatically redefine the delivery of academic and educational services in our schools and to position our students to compete at a global level,” the district stated in a release.

Want to go?
•WHAT: Sandusky Schools facilities update
•WHERE: Sandusky High cafeteria
•WHEN: 6 p.m. tonight


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Let's see...57 million dollar facilities project building a new "campus" on the former Memorial Hospital lot, STEM programs with 21st century science labs and project based learning...this "campus" better not have a fountain! Who does this Sanders think he is anyways, Gunner? Seriously, the "transformation" plan could've been written by Gunner, he came up with practically the same plan already for Perkins. I'm sure the paper will spin Sanders as some sort of visionary while continuing to hammer Gunner and Perkins for trying to do basically the same thing for the kids. Good luck Sandusky, hopefully your voters have more vision than the ones in Perkins do!


Yes, it appears that Gunner's edifice complex is contagious.

Like Gunner, Sanders just can't wait to get his name on a few cornerstones.


Tribester, sounds exactly like Dr Gunner's plan! Unfortunately, with all the crime in Sandusky, who wants to put their money into a 1st class facility & have it destroyed by criminals? And who will pay for it? The thugs? There aren't enough property owners who actually pay their taxes. Perkins has a better location and more promise, but they are too cheap to investe in it. Most people who live in Perkins voting No have more than enough money to cover the plan! They wodul rather keep their money and watch Perkind become the same dump as Sandusky & be forced to merge & pay more in the long run!


I have to reply to your comments, specifically "with all the crime in Sandusky, who wants to put their money into a 1st class facility & have it destroyed by criminals?"

I wanted to let you know that we chose to enroll our exceptionally gifted daughter in Sandusky. Why? Because no other area schools (public or private) had gifted programs that were as good as Sandusky. We went to a lot of the area schools and discussed what they would do for our daughter. So yes, we did our homework.

I am happy to report that she loves it!

Now to address your comment. I don't know of any criminal activities that have "destroyed" or damaged the existing schools, including RCAAS (Regional Center for Advanced Academic Studies) that my child attends. Can you provide any history that would indicate that a new school would suffer the fate that you say it will? Or do you have a crystal ball?

You also stated, "there aren't enough property owners who actually pay their taxes." If that's the case, then how does SCS get the money to operate now, if they already pay more than Perkins?

I just want to point out the positives that Sandusky has, including the only full-time gifted program, and the ability to obtain college credit due to being able to take college classes right on-site at the high school.

Looking at your name, I'd also say to you that Sandusky has a very strong music program. I know several people who chose Sandusky over other schools in part because of a much better music program than other area schools.

I wish you and other schools the best, but please don't make assumptions and cherry-pick the negatives.

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Thank you for this post.


Every district has its challenges. What I can say about Sandusky Schools, is that it is full of wonderful children, wonderful teachers, wonderful parents, and wonderful administrators who have a vision and desire for our children to better themselves and to grow up into a bright future. And we are taking tangible steps to make that a reality.

Every district has challenging family situations (and crime). I am proud of the direction Sandusky Schools is moving in. Their vision is to have every child graduate Sandusky High School with an Associates' Degree or vocational training that will make them employable in good jobs right out of high school or provide a solid foundation for further education.

This type of forward-thinking put into action will only strengthen our community.

Go Streaks!


Both Sandusky and Perkins have crime. Always have and always will. We can only mitigate the crime. A significant tool in that battle is the educational institution.

Sandusky schools have excellent programs(RCAAS as mentioned). Perkins schools have excellent programs, including obtaining college credit while still in high school, among others. Both schools have excellent staff.

Funding is the issue with limited dollars. We are no longer a small community with high paying manufacturing jobs. We are still a small community with seasonal jobs sprinkled with a few well paying jobs.

Perhaps now is the time for Sandusky and Perkins Schools Boards of Education to discuss the logistics of a merger. For the students and the taxpayer.


I bet the Perkins voters can't wait for the 15 mil increase.