Sandusky Schools sets summer days

District will make up a total of four school days in June
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 19, 2014


It’s official: Sandusky Schools students will attend four extra days of classes this summer, after losing a slew of instruction to brutal weather this winter.

The additional mandatory school days: June 4, 5, 6 and 9, according to a statement released Tuesday.

High school seniors, who will graduate June 1, are not required to attend.

The plan could be considered a bargain, thanks to some relief from state legislators.

This past week, the Ohio House and Senate agreed to increase the number of state-permitted calamity days from five to nine this school year. Using a calamity day means a district can cancel a school day without consequences, for inclement weather or other emergency issues.

The bill is now on Gov. John Kasich’s desk, awaiting final approval.

Almost every school in the region is well beyond the nine calamity day limit, with Sandusky Schools canceling classes an unprecedented 13 days this school year.

Without the newly approved bill, the district’s summer make-up days could have doubled.

The bill also allows districts to utilize other means to make up the missed time, such as online options, individual school day extensions or “blizzard bags.” Additionally, it exempts high school seniors from attending makeup days after their originally scheduled graduation date, to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Ultimately, Sandusky Schools officials decided tacking on additional school days was the best fit for their students.

“We reviewed a number of options of how we could make up the days, including online assignments known as ‘blizzard bags,’ but we felt that the best educational option for students would occur when our faculty and staff are engaging them with in-class instruction,” David Danhoff, the district’s chief of staff and transformation officer, said in the statement.

Sandusky Schools officials plan to send letters home to district parents, detailing specifics of the school year extension, according to the statement. They will also post the information on the district’s website.

Parents with questions should contact Danhoff at 419-984-1015 or  .



Now if we have any more snow days before the end of the year the plan gets pitched in the dumpster.


Get ready to watch movies kids

The Don

I would like to have had the online classes. Those kids are going to be in school for 4 more days in the summer with no air conditioning doing (and we all know this) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!


My opinion, in contrast to the opinions above, is that the kids will get 4 more days of learning. Sure, the last 2 days of school not much happens. However, think of it as instead of the last 2 days on June 2 & 3 being not as productive, now June 6 & 7 may not be as productive. I'd much rather see days added vs. blizzard bags, on-line, etc.

The Don

How is online learning at home, concentrating, without the distraction of the excitement summer time (that has been pushed back) not productive. Even teachers think this make little sense.


I agree with mcddcm. Having experienced first-hand the practices of many school districts in several counties locally, I can say that Sandusky City Schools is less likely than other districts to "waste" time at school. Not saying the other districts are "wasting" time, just saying SCS has fewer "fun" things like Spirit Days or Parties.

Knowing the high standards and current practices, I'd guess they'll continue learning like usual until the last couple of days before the end of the school year (just like they always do), irregardless of whether the end of the school year is June 3 or June 7.

Stop It

"Irregardless" isn't a word. Regardless will do just fine.