Sandusky Schools treasurer resigns

“(Robertson) is a good, solid administrator and colleague, and he’s been one of the best I’ve worked with as a superintendent”
Alissa Widman Neese
Mar 11, 2014


Sandusky Schools officials announced the abrupt resignation of treasurer Kevin Robertson on Monday.

Robertson, who has been with the district since 2008, has accepted a position as treasurer of Bay Village Schools, near Cleveland. His new job begins Aug. 1.

Bay Village Schools officially hired him Monday to replace Deborah Putnam, who will retire after 25 years with her district, according to its website.

“(Robertson) is a good, solid administrator and colleague, and he’s been one of the best I’ve worked with as a superintendent,” superintendent Eugene Sanders said. “He has very good fiscal and financial skills, and he’s leaving the district in a sound financial position. I certainly wish him great success in his future professional endeavors”

Robertson will receive $120,000 per year at Bay Village Schools, according to his new three-year contract.

His current three-year contract with Sandusky Schools, awarded this past year, was set to expire in August 2016. He received about $104,000 per year.

Robertson’s resignation was not listed on Monday’s Sandusky school board meeting agenda.

Board president Thomas Patterson briefly announced the departure at the end of the meeting, when board members typically discuss “new or unfinished business.” He wished Robertson well.

Board members will now meet 4 p.m. Thursday to officially accept Robertson’s resignation.

After a closed-door meeting, they will then provide updates about the district’s impending search for a new treasurer, Sanders said.



Jo Dee can get a new job!


Good luck to you, Kevin. Hope they appreciate you.


Yea, he didnt care or he wouldnt have abruptly As soon as someone flashed $16K more in his face, he was gone. Cant blame him. As soon as I found something better, I left Sandusky too.


Congrats Kevin....good luck in the new job!


Unfortunately the school district has lost several key administrators since the Rock Star Superintendent came to town. The schools lost an assistant super, food service director, technology director, a position at the board office working with the super, and now the treasurer. All of these people are extremely good at what they do and have been with the district for years. The board should look into the underlying cause but if they do they need to do it after 12 noon because he doesn't like to show up to the office before then.


Whazup!!!! It's obvious you don't know "WHAZUP!" Seems to me like your post has a personal message of attack against the Superintendent. You are either an insider who didn't get the promotion that you wanted, or you are being fed false information from someone on the inside that don't know "whazup" either. The former assistant superintendent has tried at the asst.superintendency position about 5 years ago and didn't get it over Mr. Tucker, an outsider from Lorain. What did he do, he left the district because he didn't get the position and went to Ehove. He then came back but continued to try his hand at becoming a superintendent until he was hired by Huron. What do our current superintendent have to do with that? He wasn't even in the district. The former food service director has a cabin in Michigan and have tried getting hired in that district for many, many years (before the current superintendent was hired), and when the opportunity opened up for him, he was hired. What does the current superintendent have to do with him trying to leave years ago when he wasn't hired in the district. The former tech director left and went to Lorain when Mr. Tucker offered him MORE money. More money is pretty darn tempting to most working people...including Mr. Robertson who is being paid more money. Mr. Robertson got in trouble with the district for inappropriate behavior a couple years ago before the current superintendent was hired. Did the current superintendent cause him to act in that manner as a professional??? Ohhhhh...the current superintendent wasn't hired! Finally, it's obvious that your unnecessary personal attack against the current superintendent is a reflection of you or someone you know not agreeing with his hiring for you to spew out such false and shallow remarks regarding the time he reports to his office which you are clearly baring false witness to. You can call or drive down Decatur Street on any given week day morning and he is there well before 7:30 a.m. Again, you need to find out "what's really up" before you try to REV up accusations that you definitely know nothing about. Stop looking in the window of the district assuming if you are not inside and know the truths surrounding the "lost" staff. Yes, I have a connection to the SCS District. I am a proud mom of 3 who has volunteered over 15 years in the district as a parent volunteer and council member, and I can't stand to read posts from people like you who will falsely attack and accuse ANYONE as a means to sway others to believe such lies.


I have started this reply over and over again. And, I still cannot find the words to express what I am feeling. I have been in the school system, not as an employee, but as a parent under all three of the superintendents and I can honestly say that Dr. Sanders is by far the best one of those three. Now, I am not going to sit and blame short comings on them, like you did. But, what I will say is Dr. Sanders cares more about this community and the education of these students than anyone I have worked with. He has bent over backwards to get the community involved and invites everyone to be a part of our school system. Employees leave for many reasons and I feel that it is their own choice if they so choose. Many of these changes came about before he was even hired. Why blame him? It isn't fair to make so many accusations without the facts to back it up. I think it is funny that you are so "in the know" about matters that have no bearing on your theory. Sounds a little like a disgruntled employee to me. If you have so many bad feelings, maybe you would like to sit in on just one of the many meetings and committees and councils that he has formed. I am very sure that if you call the board office and ask, you could get a list of at least one on any given day. Or, maybe you would like to speak to him through email at But, please do not sit on this blog and add such slanderous comments and accusations and think that he will not have many to defend him. He is doing an awesome job cleaning up the mess that has been left in Sandusky. I applaud you Dr. Sanders and hope you stay here for a while, or at least till my children graduate! :)


Sounds like foryourinformation is either a current board member or former board member. LOL! Who else would attack the loyalty of these former employees? I think whazup has a point. It is interesting there has been a large turnover rate in high positions in the last year. I have been in this community for over 25 years and have never seen anything like it.


Who wouldn't run from Sandusky to Bay Village, Ohio? Beautiful lakefront affluent suburb with great schools just far enough out of Cleveland to avoid the problems but close enough for all the benefits.

Good for him!

Tsu Dho Nimh

Congratulations and best wishes, Kevin!