Commissioners ‘taking the show on the road’

Dennis Murray Jr. suggests public meetings away from City Hall
Andy Ouriel
Apr 19, 2014


Sandusky city commissioners aren’t often compared to rock stars.

But, like The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, commissioners are soon setting out to take their sometimes wild and often controversial show on tour.

Ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. suggested officials occasionally schedule public gatherings away from City Hall and barnstorm to other municipal venues for commission meetings.

All six other commissioners seemingly agreed with his proposal.

“We’re taking the show on the road,” Murray said. “We want to showcase some of these facilities and show folks in the city of Sandusky where they’ve made investments in.” 

Murray and other officials expect to schedule a series of off-site meetings soon. It’s not known when or where the first one will occur. Some possible locations discussed for future meeting sites include the Sandusky Greenhouse, the water plant, Lions Park and the downtown fire station.

Murray outlined two main objectives for these meetings.

“I would like to provide both the citizens and the commissioners with another opportunity to get out into the community with a focus on the activities and the workers supported by a particular facility,” Murray said. “It is also a way for the citizens to see and tour these facilities before each meeting and perhaps gain a renewed appreciation of the significance of our investments in these locations and what they do for the community”



A good idea, but only if the cable broadcast can be maintained with good quality audio and video. There are those of us who are not able to attend meetings in person and enjoy the ability to watch later that evening and see and hear for ourselves the business conducted without a reporter's interpretation.

If that's not possible, why not just meet and greet sessions inviting the public to meet and exchange views with our commissioners at various city facilities?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

As long as the venues can reasonably seat an expected audience and the filming can occur I think this would be a great way to showcase various locations in our city. The various parks would be viable in the summer, the State Theater, one of the museums, etc.


They are thinking outside the box... I like that!


I agree that this sounds like a good fun idea and it is thinking outside of the box. However, I do believe there are some logistical problems that would need to be addressed beforehand. Who will set up for these meetings? Our city staff is already doing a lot and stretched pretty thin. Will there be any insurance issues? What will it cost to advertise and let the community know where the meetings will be? Would it be worth the time, money and other resources? Holding any type of community meeting can take a lot of effort. We are already established at city hall, does the benefit outweigh the resources that would be used?

Also there is another part of me that thinks there is motive behind it. Our last meeting had quite a few citizens attending. Would we have heard their collective voices if they were searching for the meeting? Wouldn't it be convenient to discuss issues where it would be harder for any opposing groups to locate or attend? Maybe I am being silly but I do feel that this idea could possibly be twisted to keep the public away from meetings instead of welcoming more attendees.

T. A. Schwanger


Here is an idea.

How about once a month on an "off" Monday the commissioners and staff meet at different location in the City--north, south, east, and west. No agenda. Just speak with the public. A true town hall meeting.

They may hear citizens want to get bask to the basics of local government. First stop--the west end.

Truth or Dare

They can start w/the facility at the south end of Cement Ave.. It'll have room for folks and I don't think there will be a problem w/any agendas, as there will be plenty to address from west enders.

One being; I will commit myself starting Monday 4/21 to clean up the north section of Olds St. and will do so on my days off and certain mornings that I don't have other commitments/responsibilities. Should anyone care to help, I plan on being there from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will bring what's picked up home with me to be disposed of. I'll bring heavy duty bags and gloves, and even spring for lunch! Unless I have folks helping me the furniture won't be removed and I won't be going too deep into the woods, as one of the dumped couches came up missing. I'm concerned it was carried deeper into those woods where folks are and have been either hanging out or just outright living!


Here is an idea
Tim Schwanger was a member of our Union.. He was elected an alternate committeeman.. he knew everything going on.. yet every month sat at the Union meetings asking questions like he didnt know what was going on just to bring attention to himself.... that is his MO pure and simple... a joke. He does the same with the City of Sandusky. Ask yourself this. If he wants to be so involved, why dont he put up or shut up and run for office? Answer? He couldnt take the heat.