Darden: City racist, sexist in firing of Ard

“As you publish the notice for a new city manager and you list the requirements, you should also include in it: ‘Women and blacks need not apply. We’re taking the city in a different direction,’”
Andy Ouriel
Apr 15, 2014


A prominent local leader blasted Sandusky commissioners Monday for their recent controversial decision to oust city manager Nicole Ard.

The Rev. Thomas Darden, a black man, told commissioners he believes they fired Ard, a black woman, simply based on her race and sex.

“As you publish the notice for a new city manager and you list the requirements, you should also include in it: ‘Women and blacks need not apply. We’re taking the city in a different direction,’” Darden said.

About 40 people attended Monday’s public meeting, with the majority of them black and supporting Darden’s statements.   

Darden’s criticism stems from a late March decision in which commissioners voted 4-3 to fire Ard. Three of the four commissioners who voted to fire Ard — ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr., Dick Brady and Naomi Twine — just began their four-year terms in January.

Monday marked the first public meeting commissioners convened since firing Ard.

“Some of you campaigned the citizens of Sandusky … you presented your platform, and we believed in you and elected you, not knowing you had a hidden agenda” Darden said. “You had in mind that you were (going) to fire the city manager”

Murray responded to Darden by politely disagreeing with his comments.

“I respect your opinions” Murray said. “But I do categorically reject that the decision was based on race and gender. That had no part of my decision or any part of the other three commissioners”

The four commissioners collectively contend they voted to fire Ard solely based on her performance.

Her firing came two months after commissioners gave her a last-chance agreement to either shape up or get shipped out.

In a nutshell, the last-chance agreement outlined many of the deficiencies commissioners perceived in Ard’s performance. If she didn’t show significant improvement in 60 days, commissioners threatened to fire her. They immediately did so once the 60-day period expired.

Darden, a respected area pastor who previously served on commission, believes the city didn’t give Ard a fair shot at succeeding.

He blamed a good portion of Ard’s downfall on commissioners not providing her a secretary. Ard, however, adamantly refused an administrative assistant when commissioners previously wanted to give her one.

In an interview after Monday’s public meeting, Twine — a black woman who voted to fire Ard — dismissed Darden’s viewpoint and said his opinion of commissioners displaying racism and sexism toward Ard “couldn’t be any further from the truth”

“I based my vote on 24 years of public administration experience,” said Twine, a full-time executive assistant to the Ohio Veterans Home superintendent.

The four commissioners who voted to fire Ard: Murray, Brady, Twine and Wes Poole, a black man.

The three commissioners who wanted to keep her are all white: Julie Farrar, a woman, Scott Schell and Jeff Smith.

Commissioners are moving forward in their quest to find a new city manager. It’s unknown when they’ll hire one.

With a salary of about $129,000 a year, Ard was the city’s highest-paid employee.


Dwight K.

Oh my god here we go again.....


I wish I was born black so I could blame the white man for everything. Does this guy realize how STUPID he sounds for blaming it on race?




I am glad you are not Black. Lucky us!


This guy is just an Al sharpton/ Jessie Jackson wannabe. Without race issues he would be a nobody, so he stirs the pot every chance he gets.


Why do whites always bring up sharpton and jesse. It obvious you hate anybody who goes against mainstream America or the white way as some would say.

Dr. Information

why do blacks us the race card every time they do not get their way?


Youll never get a real answer to that, but we ALL know the real answer, because it works EVERY TIME


I just wonder what took so long for the race/sexist card to be played? Was Tom out of town? Can somebody point out one positive project that Ard accomplished? Just one project that moved the City ahead. Man is it quiet out there.

From the Grave

Why is he wasting his time~she wasn't even from Sandusky, was she? He should have questioned her hiring in the first place. You need to be a lifelong resident to understand the unique needs of this city/area. Why the African-American community supports African-Americans who don't deserve support is a big mystery to me.


She got what she deserved! She appeared to be a disservice to the people of Sandusky. I can't believe it took that long to get rid of her!


From what I heard of Ard - she did't do her job. That doesn't matter if she was black, white or purple, male, female, transgender.

From the Grave

Well, maybe not purple.


Talk about over playing the race card. If anything, Ard was given extra leniency.


Ard wasn't doing her job the only thing she did was fire a cop who in my opinion was a justified firing. Like I said before everything is not about race.

Whiskey Tango F...

She was hired based on color and sex, why not fired? Accusing Mr. Poole of being black? Are you sure? This is gonna get good. We should make it a reality show and make some cash off of this!

Whiskey Tango F...

If Wes Poole is a black man, then what does this make Mr. Murray and Mr. Brady? I'll call reverend Al and Jesse, they'll help sort all of this out.

Whiskey Tango F...

Next this whole gender issue... I think some reach-arounds are in order to get a total confirmation. Man, woman, black, white, I am totally confused. We might have to accuse and blame ourselves for our own faults!


It seems like you still need to stay off the whiskey. When you start on that al and Jesse bs you sound real dumb. Like I asked before since you and your friends love calling on al and Jesse it seems like your efforts are lost give it up.


I knew it wouldn't be long till the race card was thrown, sickening and pointless and does nobody a damn bit of good.


Who did not see this coming???

A Young Adult's...

Darden, please SHUT UP. It will benefit you greatly. The mistreatment of city managers by commissioners is a staple of this city, no matter if the city manager is black or white.

Just go back to your church and pray.


She was a black woman when she was hired, was that sexist and racist? Is Darden saying Twine and Poole are racist? Drop the racist crap every time a person of color is criticized, sometimes it can be as simple as they suck at their job.


Seems like the Rev. is off the mark here.


What a joke for someone to really think this. Do your damn job correctly and you won't be fired.


You are really the last to comment on race being a joke. We can go back and look at almost any post about blacks positive or negative and we will see all your comments are negative.


I don't think hiring her was based on her race as much as some of you love to say when any person is hired for anything. I believe she didn't know what she was getting into and the way the city is run.

Julie R.

Well, you have to admit it does look fishy. Murray, Brady and Twine no sooner became commissioners and they all voted to fire her. Was it planned? I think it was.

Dr. Information

Or they were elected in and saw what a horrible job she was doing, gave her opportunities to fix it and she failed. Yeah, thats the truth right there.

Julie R.

I saw the handwriting on the wall for Nicole Ard when Tone & Binette publicly criticized her over the so-called unjust firing of two Sandusky police officers ~ one the part-time police officer son of good ole' boy Randy Glovinsky.

I said it before and I'll say it again --- whatever the agenda is for the city of Sandusky, you can take it to the bank that the jokes in the county are involved in it.


Julie, do you work for the city and/or county?


Most of the people on here don't even live in the city or county.


This is why I never put any stock into anything you say on Julie R.....I know one of the officers who was fired so I have followed that story pretty close, Tone nor Binette EVER came out publicly and criticized her for the terminations.....in fact one of the officers appeals that Ard fought is sitting waiting for a decision by Roger Binette, so if he was so "Anti Ard" like you claim, why wouldnt he have put him back to work yet?? Your arguments never make any sense....


Julie is correct IMO about Glovinsky. Also, why did Ard get taken to task for the failing of the law director and the outside counsel he hires because he can't do his job?


Ross got fired for a DUI that happened 2 years before he got fired, but Ard fired him for it anyway and the city will pay for that mistake. I do agree about Iscman though, why when you have an attorney on staff do you outsource your legal issues to a law firm in Columbus?? I mean I can understand why they dont want iscman screwing things up, but they hired him, use him! You thought Ard was a bad CM, Iscman is an absolute goof and will screw the city more than it already is....count on it!!

Dr. Information

Racist and sexist in the same claim. Whats next obesist? Typical dumb dumb, always playing the card game.


The Rev. Thomas Darden, a black man, told commissioners he believes they fired Ard, a black woman, simply based on her race and sex.

No, that's the two reasons she was HIRED.

Darwin's choice

And, given an award......


Pathetic Reverend Darden. You can make the claim of racist behavior only when there is no other reason. That is clearly not the case here. Nicole is a very nice person but she was clearly incompetent. This was obvious from what seems a long time ago and someone needed to let her go. Salary aside, Nicole will be better off in the long-term unless she remains in town. There is too much bad publicity here.

Julie R.

Like the saying goes ---- be careful what you wish for.


Julie R.....do you ever post anything on here that makes any sense? You seem to have an opinion on everything on here, but I have never read one that has much to do with the story at hand, or are comments based on your opinion not fact


Thank You. You see I felt bad I didn't understand. Now I feel better that you pointed out it doesn't make any sense.


People who play the race card don't realize that it prolongs and intensifies racism.


That's bs and you know it. I have no reason to believe the Rev. but he is only one man. Racists prolong and intensify racism not opinions.


what about racist opinions?


I respectfully disagree but appreciate your point of view deertracker.


Race was an issue? Not doing her [very well paid] job was the problem. She will get a job that better suits her. Life will go on for her, she is strong, she will be fine. Using the race card, now that was not necessary, think before you scream : Its because someone is black . Sandusky deserves a better city manager. Reverend ,you should apologize to the commissioners for this outrageous accusation.


How about the other two that were fired within recent memory Mr. Darden. Why did you not go to bat for them? It's not because they are white males, is it?

Dr. Information

Bingo. Most blacks fuel the race card and racial issues. They are the ones that make a big deal about it instead of looking at the real issue, that this lady was a fat azz that sat there and did nothing.


You and your friends bring race up more than anyone. So to say Blacks fuel the race card and racial issues when you bring your racist opinions on constantly is bs.

Dr. Information

Me and my friends? Point to me, where I have ever said anything racial related about anyone? Stir that racial pot santown.


Understand Dr Info, no matter what you say if its against Ard youre racist, thats the way it is now adays, if you can act like a victim people will feel sorry for you and GIVE you stuff, i.e. Obamacare

Julie R.

According to Dr. Information, Ms. Ard was a fat azz that sat there and did nothing.

As I recall, the unknown moderator of the removejohnson blog said the same thing about the former black Clerk of Court Barb Johnson. That vicious blog claimed she was a do-nothing clerk for over 20 years but I'll stick up for that lady from now until doomsday. She was the ONLY decent & ethical public official in Erie County and if anybody would know that for a fact, I would. I put up with the rest of those unethical jokes in the county for over 10 years and one thing for certain ---- the unethical inept clowns sure are good at hiding.


I heard a lot of criticism of Nicole Ard as City Manager during her tenure. Some of it was here on these public forums; some of it was in private. And not once, no matter WHO was speaking or in WHAT venue, did I hear somebody say anything about her doing a bad job because she was black, because she was female, or because she was overweight.

Every complaint that I heard related to incompetence, whether perceived or real. It appears in the end that a good many of those complaints were valid, and Ard was fired as a result. After the firing, there were still MORE comments made, and many weren't too shy about it!

But you know what? So far the ONLY talk of her being fired because she was black and a woman has come from a well-known local race-baiter. Consider the source, folks, consider the source...


I've seen President Obama mocked and insulted in a manner that no other president in my lifetime has been mocked and insulted for simply doing his job. Not once have the racists said that it is because he's black. So what? Just because racists in Ohio are sophisticated enough not to use racial slurs when criticizing someone simply for the color of their skin does not make those comments race neutral.

The mayor had an opportunity when he fired Ms. Ard to articulate what had happened since he was elected that justified her firing. He didn't. He also had an opportunity when he campaigned for office to explain why Ms. Ard should be fired. I don't know what he said. But apparently Mr. Darden believes that he never indicated any intention of firing Ms. Ard.

Mr. Darden is now filling in the empty space left by the mayor's silence.

As for Ms. Ard's competence, I would simply note that the current mayor was involved in hiring Kim Nuesse. He was also at the heart of the fiasco when she was fired. He then left town until the whole storm blew over. Yet, there he sits once again as mayor. Next to him sits his crony, Dick Brady, who spent X number of dollars to bring Ms. Ard to town, and gave her a six-month severance package to boot. Yet nobody has anything to say about what a couple of bozos they are.
So, regardless of the merits of Mr. Darden's comments, I could certainly understand why Mr. Darden feels like government officials in this town are held to different standards based on the color of their skin.


"President" oBUMa is mocked and insulted because he is the worst President in US history, not because he is an incompetent black man.


I'm watching the replay of the meeting.

Did anyone catch Murray making a motion to go from 7 City Commissioners down to 5 Commissioners? This will further inhibit the chances of minorities being elected to City Commission office.

Where does the IMA stand on this issue and a future move by Murray to eliminate term limits.


Darden was a little off his game when he pulled the race card. The commissioners had to make a difficult decision that should have been made a long time ago. The city had to be very careful that everything was documented and to make sure no lawsuit would stick if one should be filed. The early signs were there and some citizens just refused to recognize them.


My husband is a city employee who saw her ineptness firsthand. Needing her signature to conduct business but unable to find her and nobody at her office had a clue where she was or when she'd be back. She wasn't held accountable by anyone. This was a justified firing. Now we'll sit back and await the lawsuit that is sure to follow. I truly believe this was her plan all along.

Julie R.

Just because Ms. Ard's signature was needed to conduct business and nobody could find her doesn't mean she was inept at her job. I mean, it's not like she was running to hide or anything like your snakes in the county do, was she?

God Of Thunder

Really??? She was fired because of her race and gender?? Come on.. Enough with trying to segregate the community. There is nothing fishy or racist about this. Her performance was horrible. If they would start hiring more locally, for someone who actually has some roots in the community, it might actually work well. Look at how well things went when Mike Will was city manager.


Does Mr. Darden realize she was not doing her job and cost the city money and jobs. I think the city commission was way to easy on her for her lack of planning and action.

T. A. Schwanger


@ Retiredfirefighter

I always look forward to your input.

I'm curious what your opinion is on how there will not be layoffs in the fire department and station # 7 will only close occasionally instead of permanently. And if a station must close occasionally, why not # 3 on Cedar Point Drive? Is it possible the panic was created to gage public support for an income tax increase and based on anti-tax increase feedback from the community all is now good?

What do you think?

Little Giant

Just curious..... anybody know how many whites attend Rev. Darden's Church?


Does it matter how many whites attend his church. That's like asking how many blacks are in your family or how many blacks compared to whites you have been with.

Little Giant

Yes it does matter how many whites attend his church. The firing of Ard was not a racial issue and Mr. Darden is trying to make it into one. It would server Mr. Darden good to read Matthew 7:3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"


Another race baiting Reverend. You should be ashamed sir and should be defrocked. Gotta love how thats a black persons and liberals "go-to" move..play the race card when you cant do anything else.


Unfortunately its not about race, its about performance and expensive errors/decisions that cost the residents of sandusky hundreds of thousands and lack of growth. A real man of God would not live by the perceived race injustice and act or attempt to destroy and be a negative influence, but be a builder and know the facts before attempting to lynch the city commission.

Stop It

Speak like that fills the tithing/pass around contribution basket to his higher standard of living.....in the black community. Just like Jesse and Al.


The next time you hear somebody cry racist or play the racism card laugh laugh until they walk away. LOL…


I think the black community needs to look at how many illegal Mexicans in this country that's going to take your jobs and I'm not talking just about fieldhands they are going to grow into all the jobs, Sooner or later you all have to go to work…

Just a passing thought…



Hey were talking about Darden not about the fire stations


The following URL is the City Manager Job Posting in Monster: http://jobview.monster.com/City-...

And here is the body of the text:
"CITY OF SANDUSKY, OHIO WANTED City Manager with a passion for community pride, growth and success PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS The ability to develop and grow professional and collaborative relationships with the City Commissioners, citizens, business community, civic organizations, community leaders and the public in general is critical. Must be accessible and a strong and persuasive leader. Desired strengths include organizational development, personnel management, budgeting, economic development, finance, employee and labor relations, community relations and customer service. Relevant graduate degree strongly preferred. DESIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Previous executive experience in government and/or business, excellent communication and writing skills, strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with ethnically and economically diverse population. Must be able to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deadlines with grace and produce high-quality results. Must have a positive attitude, be energetic, a self-starter, reliable and have the ability to work both independently and as a member of a team. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER The City of Sandusky is an Equal Opportunity Employer and as such, considers all applicants for positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, mental or physical disabilities or Veteran/Reserve/ National Guard or any other similarly protected status. We also comply with all applicable laws governing employment practices and do not discriminate on the basis of any unlawful criteria. SALARY RANGE $84,936 - $127,404 "


Her firing does not appear to be based on race but gender may be another issue. Rev. Darden recognized sexism on Commission while Murray was a Commissioner in the firing of another female Sandusky City leader. Wish he would leave race out of it and focus on the gender issue because several City leaders do have a history of misogyny and not protecting women's rights.

I see this as reflective of the privileged political class "Just Us" system versus the rest of us. The political class wants to ensure they have a city manager they can control and who will do their bidding.

By the way did anyone else catch the sale of property by Pervis Brown to Cedar Fair? Is he part of the search committee for the new City Manager? Should he be?

Julie R.

According to the auditor's records, there are 18 properties in Sandusky listed under the name of Pervis Brown, so which one did he sell to Cedar Fair?

BTW, it says in 2002 Brown bought 2 properties on Fourth Street under a commissioners deed. Other than sheriff sale deeds or quitclaims deeds, most of the time the auditor's online records leave the DEED TYPE blank. That's the first time I've ever seen a commissioners deed.


Here's the information on the recent transfer: $20,000 for lot at 553 Third Street


Record Date : 4/1/2014 2:10:46 PM



Book Type: OR

# of Pages: 2
Consideration: 20,000.00


Previous Related Docs:
8885 - 27/27


When I read the the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) developed & delivered to Ms. Ard earlier this year, I found it very well articulated and definitive. I've written several such documents for employees were for whatever reason weren't performing to expectations. The purpose of a CAP is to hopefully course-correct and retain a valuable employee. My experience has been those employees who are either going through a rough patch in their personal lives or for whatever other reason have had a lapse in performance, those employees embrace the CAP and turn around their lackluster performance. But that, unfortunately, is usually the exception. The overwhelming majority of employees I've had to deliver a CAP to do not turn around their performance, and it's evident in the first two weeks after delivering the CAP that the 60 or 90 day CAP period will not end well for them.

Again, with Ms. Ard's CAP, the duties she needed to perform to be successful were clear, concise and what one should expect as the deliverable expectations of a City Manager. Regardless of what any of the Commissioners might think privately, their management of Ms. Ard with the CAP were professional, legal and consistent with what I have experienced in the private sector.


Q. Rev. Darden, what colour is God? A. It doesn't matter.


I am so sick and tired of these want to be leaders, who hide behind the title of Reverend. Preaching hate, discontent, and stirring turmoil is not the work of a person who believes in the teachings of Christ.
Color does not matter, only to those who will use it to continue the efforts of hate where there is none. Seems like the only racists people today are black.


It couldn't be because she cost and continues to cost the city money with her bone headed decisions?? It HAS to be because she is black, getting SO sick of that!


Nicole Ard was fired because she was horrible at her job! Bottom Line!! Why isnt this Rev Sharpton wannabe bringing up the fact that she has cost the city jobs and money, rarely showed up at any meetings because she didnt feel she had to, and did her budget like she was a 3rd grader.....anyone who talked to her for more than 5 minutes could see she was in way over her head, but its the commissions fault for not hiring qualified people, I dont blame Ard as much as I blame them for hiring someone who was not qualifed....IF ANYTHING she got HIRED because of her gender and skin color!!



You are absolutely totally correct

VTX Rider

What, she was......black AND a woman!! Holy crap who knew? In all seriousness, in my unbiased, semi-professional opinion I believe she may have been in over her head. Or, there may have beeb personal reasons that kept her from performing her job. Either way, I feel, in my opinion, that her firing was justified given the fact she was presented with the opportunity to change direction. I don't care if you glow in the dark, have 6 toes on each foot and three eyes. If you fulfill the qualifications to perform a job and you perform it as expected and outlined in your job description, then I will support you.

Carry on.


So this gang of white males, a black male and a black female all conspired to fire her because she's black and female. Huh?


Are we forgetting that two of the commissioners who voted for her to get fired were black, one was a black female! What's the good "reverend" say about that???


For those of your IGNORANT enough to comment on here and say that she was fired because she is a black female and / or no reason was given to justify the firing, I have one question for you: Did you actually read the article or follow Ard's "performance" over her tenure as city manager?

The article clearly states that Ms. Ard was given a last chance agreement (something I assume she signed) in which she had 60 days to "show significant improvement" in her job performance or she would be FIRED.

I also assume that most of the commissioners are smart enough to have included (in that agreement) a detailed list of areas which needed improvement, and even some possible suggestions on ways she could have improved.

Bottom line is that Ms. Ard FAILED miserably at her job and no longer has it for that reason alone. She was given numerous opportunities to improve, but failed to do so.

Mr. Darden and anyone else who shares his thoughts, let me put this in as simple English as possible for you to hopefully understand:

She was NOT fired because she is a black female!!!!! She was fired because she was an INCOMPETENT person (who happens to be a black female) at her job and couldn't preform the duties that were asked of her.

Dr. Information

For all of those who support her. The proof is there that she was horrible at her job. Now show us proof of what she did so great that should of kept her at her job as CM. We will patiently wait.

Julie R.

Once again, I saw the handwriting on the wall for Nicole Ard back when Tone & Binette publicly criticized her. That's why it didn't surprise me how fast the "new" commissioners moved to get rid of her. Also, once again, whatever the "agenda" is for the city of Sandusky you can bet your life on it that the county clowns are involved. I also believe one of the things on their personal agenda list has to do with the Erie County Land Bank.

Time will tell .........


People that pull the race card to defend someone who didn't do their job, just continue to hold society back.

It's even worse when that person gets authority from religion and can instill fear into the listeners, who actually by his self-seeking sermons (the progress of the African American race at all costs).

Religion anymore, is a man's way to influence society. We've got this turd preaching about "I'm fired because I am black." We got SMCC ousting a gay dude. We got churches nationwide, having cutouts of George W. Bush during election period. It's a joke. Religion, influencing people to make decisions outside of their best interests.

When you look at a pastor, or priest, or a minister, they are no different than any of you. They sin. They have faults of man.

When they pray, they pray to the same God that you do (if you believe).

Their faith should in no way influence politics at any level and should not be pushed in the face of those that believe differently. Religion should not be used to defend race issues that have no evidence and they should not be used to discriminate based on gender,skin color, sexual orientation, etc.

Prayer wasn't even in school until the 1950's. This authority, this churchy, preachy authority to influence issues of society should stop. It's sickening, disgusting, and disturbing.


Just reminder, all of you out there that disagree with Rev Darden are now and forever more racist!!! Tom and Henry Aaron, if you wear a three piece suit you are a member of the KKK. Great logic, eh?


Darden sounds like he's grasping at straws. Doesn't he know how many problems they had with her (most of which were documented in SR)? He sounds like a horse with blinders on!

fanatic's picture

Mr. Murray is absolutely correct. It doesn't matter what color you are. It's all about politics and chest thumping good old boys.


It is person's such as Rev Darden who make the problems with race so awful. Blaming things on race is why there is such a divide among people of color to begin with. When comments such as this are made, you stop looking at the person and consentrate only on the skin of the person and not what they do.

In the case of Ms Ard, the conduct and inefficence of her work is what caused her firing. To make it about the color of her skin is not the issue at all. To make it about that is nothing more than a smoke screen and a deterent of the issues at hand. She was given a list of things to change, which she did not do. That is what got her fired. When one does not listen to their boss, make necessary changes and do what is needed to keep one's job....expect to be fired.

To try and make it about the color of one's skin is nothing more than an blatant excuse. That is not only a miserable way in which to live, it is also unfair to the boss, it is also unfair, in this case, to Ms Ard. I cannot believe that she would throw the "race card" into this matter any more than she would throw the "sex card" into the mix. She was fully aware of what was required after receiving the notice of what was expected of her. She was notified of the time line. She failed to comply and was terminated. To complain that is was about color or sex would be beneath her, an educated woman.

I would think that Rev. Darden, who is supposedly and educated man, would understand that as well.


To understand the behavior of race baiters like Darden, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc., you have to first understand that they suffer from Gilligan's Island syndrome. If the castaways on Gilligan's Island ever got what they sought, to be rescued and return to civilization, then the series was over. Similarly, these activist types can never claim success or admit their goal has been realized, because then they'd all have to go out and get real jobs doing something useful and productive.

Forward Looking

Some preacher needs to feel important and relevant it seems. Funny that several of the Commissioners are black and voted in favor of her firing. It must take this to mean that he is calling all of the YES votes racist and including 2 black city commissioners voting YES to FIRE Ms. Ard. Does he not realize that 3 white commissioners voted NO? That means more white commissioners were in support of Ms. Ard than black Commissioners. Interesting how those with everything is Racist, have blinders on.

It is time to take responsibility for one's performance and if she was not doing her job, she should be fired. The City doesn't have the money to keep someone on the job that is not doing her job. I am not saying she was not doing their job, but I have to think that she would not be FIRED if she was doing her job and would not have negative performance reviews if she was doing her job. Taking this for face value and by what the Register posts as facts. If my facts are wrong, then it must be my source...the Register.


Although this is only an assumption, I'm sure those 3 white commissioners (who voted against her firing) took the racism issue into consideration before casting their vote.

This is a prime example of why people such as Darden, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. need to SHUTUP and GO AWAY!!!!!

Dr. Information

Obviously she didn't do her job or they wouldn't of fired her. Game over.


Wait a sec, aren't "whiteys", "crackers", "uncle Tom's", "Pigs" becoming the minority?

Dr. Information

Yes they are, last year white people had less children than all the minorities combined. I think white people are seeing the way this country is going and being smart.