City applies for grant to build boat dock

Sandusky city commissioners approved some important items at Monday’s public meeting.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 25, 2014


Among the more notable, commissioners:

•Approved doling out $60,000 to the Volunteers of America/Crossroads Homeless Shelter.

Each year, the city obtains federal dollars called Community Development Block Grant funds.

Block grant funds are designed to boost quality of life for individuals in low- to moderate- income households.

A year ago, city officials gave the homeless shelter $65,000. The shelter uses the funds for general operations, including providing shelter to those who don’t have a home.

Commissioners also approved spending $35,500 for a consulting firm to oversee the city’s block grant program through 2018 and $12,000 to implement a housing program where residents can file discriminatory complaints against landlords.

It’s estimated the city will receive $700,000 this year in block grant funds.

•Applied for a $42,500 state grant to build a boat dock off River Avenue near Pipe Creek.

The dock would complement a new boathouse built by Sandusky Bay Rowing Association members.

A dock would help club members ease their boats into the water.

•Spent $27,600 on a device to detect leaks in water pipes.

The device “is able to pinpoint the location of the leak,” Sandusky engineer Aaron Klein said. “This keeps crews from chasing leaks, which saves valuable time and resources. The more crews have to chase the water main, the longer you spend on the job site and the more material it takes to repair the trenches created by investigative exploration”

•Accepted a contract for yard waste, maintaining the monthly rate at $11 per customer. This is the same rate from a year ago.


Erie County Resident

The city says they will not open the public boat ramp but throws money at a PRIVATE one.
Hey Sandusky commissioners what's up with that???

Licorice Schtick

It's not a private dock. The ideas is to be able to safely launch rowing shells, canoes, and kayaks. But it does sound a little pricy for the dock that's needed. Over-development would ruin this beautiful site. No sign of it yet, but people being what they are, beware clubbers eventually trying to exclude others from this public park. Watchdogs, be alert!


Just what the city needs, another dock.. Really? Why not let the ones there fill up before the city starts taking money from local businesses??

The Bizness

This spot needs a dock, right now you walk in to shards of glass. It wouldnt be private, or manned.


I don't believe the city actually intends to not open the public boat ramp at the end of Water Street. The question is whether to staff the snack shop and charge a small fee for launching a boat or to leave the snack bar closed and allow free launching.

At least that's my understanding of the issue.

Forward Looking

I agree, no staff, but the ramp will be open.

AJ Oliver

Go rowers !! No local money involved. Good for the community.


Not true. Every local citizen who pays federal and state taxes contributes to grants like this. Here's a helpful tip: "Free" money isn't. And state/federal grants DO use funds from locals (as well as from others who will never benefit but had to pay anyway).


The dock is being funded 100% by a grant. No city money is being used.