Ask Sandusky firefighters

Ryan Brotherton, vice president of the Sandusky FIre Department’s firefighters union, and Sandusky fire Lt. Adam Butler will be the guests at 5 p.m. Wednesday on “Between the Lines Live” at
Feb 18, 2014


The city is looking to balance its 2014 operating budget by making personnel cuts in the Fire Department later this year, a move the union opposes. Any more manpower decreases in the department will put residents and firefighters at risk, Brotherton said. The department already has adjusted to severe cuts previously, reducing response teams.

“It would be negligent to allow any more cuts,” Brotherton said. 

Brotherton and Butler will take answer comments from the audience. Questions for them can be posted at this story at or at the Register’s Facebook page.  

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Hellooooo firemen! Whewww


Don't change anything. Don't try new ideas, Don't cut this dept, cut that dept. Just raise taxes, give yearly raises and move on.


The call volumes for both the police and fire departments have gone up.

How do you expect our safety service employees to answer the calls safely if you reduce numbers?

Who wants to wait if you need a police officer or ambulance and fire protection?

The admission tax rate is pathetically low compared to other destination cities.


Privatize... it would save the community money! IT has already been proven! And it would create less waste!