VIDEO: Watch Monday's Sandusky City Commission meeting

Just in case you missed Monday's city commission meeting, we have it here for you.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 11, 2011


Just in case you missed Monday's city commission meeting, we have it here for you.

Click on the player below to watch the final hour of the meeting

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at



need better video .... way too blurry .... freezing up and too many lost frames (jerky slow) .... who in the hell is coughing? .... suck on a lozenge! .... if your that freakin sick, you need to keep your fanny home so you don't spread your germs around ..... no respect! ............. and ....... it is extremely difficult to understand anyone in these recordings ..... need to clear it up so i can hear what the heck anyone is talking about ..... thanks!


awwwwww, let mr. knight do his "thang" ..... he's not hurting anybody ..... let the man live (like he wants to) by hauling trash .... since when can't the man work, if that's what he chooses?  the city needs to help this man make a living, the one he's been probably doing most of his life. have a heart!





You shouldn't have to have a study to tell the police chief how to do his job.  The study was just plain using common sense if you are managing properly. We pay a huge salary to the police chief and this is what we get. Unfortunately, Lang is on contract for two years. The city has money when they want to spend it but nothing for the police department so they can function like a police department should be functioning.  No one at city hall should be happy with the report or try to sugar coat the study and make excuses by stating there is no money to correct what needs to be corrected.


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