New-term resolutions

Dennis Murray Jr. discusses goals as commission president
Andy Ouriel
Jan 4, 2014


Sandusky city commissioner and new board president Dennis Murray Jr. offered some opinions on what he wants to achieve during the next two years.

Paired with background information, Murray answered questions on seven unresolved issues he plans on addressing.

In no particular order:

Issue No. 1: Sandusky faces a $1.1 million deficit in its 2014 everyday operating budget estimated at $16.3 million. The budget covers services such as police and fire operations. By March, city officials are likely to lay off workers to offset a shortfall.

DM: We need to pass a budget that realigns our expenditures with our revenues. Beyond that, we need to be looking at budgets several years out, like schools or businesses do.

Issue No. 2: Sandusky’s bicentennial, or 200th anniversary, occurs in 2018.

DM: I want to get a bicentennial commission formed so members can start planning for it. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the many things we have done and show people that we can do great things again. For many years, we were innovators and leaders in Sandusky, Erie County and the larger region.

Issue No. 3: Examining whether to shrink the number of commission seats, from seven to five or even three.

DM: I want to get something on the table and possibly on the ballot for reducing the size of commission. The voters can then decide if it’s a good idea.

Issue No. 4: The constant mess at Sandusky’s two public recycling drop-off centers, off Cement Avenue and First Street.

DM: In all probability, we are going to get rid of the recycling centers we have. The Ohio EPA has said we need mandatory curbside recycling or the bins. We need to combine (garbage collection and recycling). I want to bid it out and provide a better service. The recycling bins are a mess and are being abused terribly.

Issue No. 5: Attracting people and businesses into the area.

DM: We need to focus some resources on individual neighborhoods and feature our cool assets like the library, parks, the bay front, walkable areas, the restaurant scene and our interesting architecture.

Issue No. 6: Possibly consolidating fire services and creating a joint fire district, consisting of Sandusky, Huron and the townships of Margaretta and Perkins.

DM: We need to get these groups together to see if there is an interest in having that conversation. We send a fire engine and an ambulance every time there is a call. That is a lot of extra equipment. If there is a better way to deploy these assets and equipment, then I want to take a look at it.

Issue No. 7: Resolving an $8.5 million water lawsuit Sandusky filed against Erie County in late 2012.

DM: We have a trial coming up in May. I really want to get this case settled before it goes to trial.




WE have the technology to use White infrared high resolution cameras that can identify the abusers. Curbside recycling is not an option for highrises, condos, retailers and many others. Use the cameras and arrest the abusers and prosecute them.


Good luck!


At least a few of the trash haulers in town already offer curbside recycling services. So far, I've had good luck with it. I was opposed to getting rid of the recycling bins when there were no other free options available, but since then, some haulers have stepped up.

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The Hero Zone

Which one(s)?


Republic and F.S.I. that I know of for sure.


I agree with issue 3 and maybe if they cut it back to three more thing can get done instead of placing them on the back burner like what has been going on for I dont know how long

Comrade Boose

"We send a fire engine and an ambulance EVERY time there is a call"

Really EVERYTIME? This will happen as soon as *ick Brady (filters will not allow the letter D to be used) walks on the moon.
Anyone that has listen to a scanner has heard 911, 913, or 917 en-route and sometimes you will 921, 923, or 927 also going.

Maybe it is time for you to ride along with SFD or SPD and see why certain vehicles are sent, or at least use the right adjective.


I agree with Comrade Boose, they do not send an engine with every squad run the only time they send an engine company with the squad is when the call is for a cardiac arrest, unresponsive person, or somebody have difficulty breathing. So Mr. Murray and Mr. Brady must get their facts correct before they starts opening theirs mouths and looking like complete morons. Unfortunately it maybe already to late to save them. Mutual aid from either Perkins or Margaretta may be a 10 minute wait
and for someone who has a heart problems this can cause a possible lawsuit for the city.


@ Curley....So why do we need to send an engine company and an ambulance for cardiac arrest, unresponsive person, or somebody have difficulty breathing?


Station 7 and 3 have 3 firefighters at the stations, the central station has several when 911 runs on a cardiac arrest, unresponsive person or someone one has difficulty breathing 911 rolls along with 921. When the out lying stations have this 921 is on alert. This is also protocol. Get yourself a scanner and listen.


I understand that.

The question is does Sandusky need to send an engine company with an ambulance for the situations you mention?

AJ Oliver

Some trash haulers say they take recycling, but actually just put it in with the landfill waste and dump it with the rest. They do not, in fact, recycle. Cities that have universal municipal trash and recycling pick-up pay less (about $12 per month in Huron). The private haulers here in Sandusky give us bad service and high prices.


Okay, trash hauler employees: Is this true? Or is AJ Oliver whistling out his "real name" again?


Replace the 1% income tax with an increase in the admissions tax. The major industry 30 years ago was manufacturing and it paid the bulk of the expenses. The major industry today is tourism, serviced by temporary foreign workers. If the tourists paid for the services they use,the city would be competitive with other regions and would draw new business.