Sandusky city commissioner sidelined

Grohe undergoes heart stents.
Andy Ouriel
Dec 30, 2013


A Sandusky city commissioner’s leave of absence could continue on for the foreseeable future.

Heart complications forced commissioner Keith Grohe to miss several weeks worth of public meetings.

He also hasn’t reported to his primary job as a Cedar Point maintenance worker. “I just had two stents put into my heart in early December,” Grohe said.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute describes a stent as a “small mesh tube that’s used to treat narrow or weak arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry blood away from your heart to other parts of your body.”

“The doctor doesn’t want me to put any stress on my heart until things get better,” Grohe said. “I can walk, but I’m restricted to 20 minutes for four times a day and only lifting 10 pounds”

Grohe plans on meeting with his doctor in early January to find out when he can return to both work and public service.

“It’s going to be a long road,” Grohe said.


Erie County Resident

Keith I've known you for a long time from way back when we worked together and wish you the best.
Here for the New Year I wish you a healthy, and speedy recovery.
Hope you can get back to as normal a life as you can soon and carry on my friend.


The city commission doesn't seem like a place to be if you have a heart condition, way too much stress involved. Hope you get well soon.


Maybe best to stay away from city commission till more healing. Given the make up of the current city commission it can't be a relaxing time serving on the commission,,,,,,definitely not for one who is recovering from surgery.

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The Hero Zone

I hope your New Year helps you recover swiftly!