Brady, Murray & Twine: post questions here

Incoming Sandusky City commissioners Naomi Twine, Dick Brady and Dennis Murray will be the guests at noon today on “Between the Lines Live” here at the website. Post any questions you may have in the comments below.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 20, 2013


The commissioners-elect will take questions from the audience. Murray and Brady will be returning to commission at the start of January after being elected in November to serve new four-year terms.
Twine also will be sworn in to begin serving her first term on city commission in January.
All three told voters they intended to aggressively address the city’s budget, services and personnel issues when they were campaigning in the fall.

Watch the interviews HERE


Andy Ouriel

Q: When would you consider reducing the number of commissioners from 7 to 5 or 3?

Q: How much do you believe a city commissioner should make?

Q: What are your thoughts on moving out of City Hall

The Bizness

How do you plan on attracting new industry, especially technology related industry into the city?

How can we attract more young people like myself into the city?

How can we start using our parks, and lakeshore to make money?

Jason Werling

The Bizness- sorry, but the program ended at 1 p.m. Good questions that we can hopefully ask next time we have them on the program.

The Bizness

No hard feelings here, and I hope we get a chance to ask them this. I think this city needs more young people into the city, and I think trying to attract technology driven industry into the city would be a great way to do it. Big question is how do you do it? We need our elected officials and city manager to be out in the country actively marketing the area as a place to grow your business. The area has a lot to offer.