Brady, Murray, Twine look forward

City commissioners-elect ready for challenges.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 12, 2013


Voters created a seismic shakeup in Sandusky’s government when three challengers won seats on commission a week ago.

City residents elected Dick Brady, Dennis Murray Jr. and Naomi Twine.

Voters also booted out ex officio mayor John Hamilton and Diedre Cole, who sought re-election via the write-in route. Commissioner Pervis Brown, whose term ends Dec. 31, was prohibited from running for re-election due to term limits.

The three successful candidates also defeated challengers Scott Schell and Patricia Ferguson in a heated seven-person race.

Come Jan. 1, Brady, Murray and Twine will work alongside incumbents Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe, Wes Poole and Jeff Smith.

It’s a new term for Murray and Brady, who both previously served on commission, and the first elected office for Twine. Commissioners earn $5,200 annually.

They will bring a wealth of experience to the table come January:

• Brady, a local entrepreneur who owns Brady Sign and Brady Electric, served on city commission in 2011. Past and present commissioners appointed him to fill a vacancy.    

• Murray, a partner in the Murray & Murray law firm, won election in 2005 and stayed on until 2008. Then in 2009, he served two terms as a state representative.

• Twine, an Ohio Veterans Home administrative assistant, captains the city’s human relations commission. The volunteer commission commitee handles problems residents may have with city services.

There’s already a consensus among the new class: Fix Sandusky’s budget.

Come March, commissioners must figure out how to offset a $1 million shortfall in the city’s $16 million operating budget, covering services such as fire and police operations. The shortfall is primarily due to cutbacks in state funding and other revenue sources.

But, in separate interviews with the Register, the three new commissioners greatly differed on their main goals, concerns and how they’ll unify a board constantly disagreeing and bickering with one another.


Julie R.

I sure hope Nicole Ard has a backbone. Sure hope she doesn't allow the new city commissioners to intimidate her, especially since there's an attorney back on board, ironically the same attorney that was on board when the expensive Nuesse fiasco started. The fiasco that made lots of taxpayer monies for the Cleveland attorneys and Erie County's favorite Lorain County rent-a-judge. Ard isn't from around this area so she probably doesn't know how the old boy & girl bullies in the corrupt legal clique like to pick on women. They have already started on Ard. That was plain to see when the jokes at the courthouse publicly chastised her for firing the part-time police officer son of one of their good old boys, Randy Glovinsky.


Perhaps I don't understand the budget process but I thought I read it's the City Manager's responsibility to bring a balanced budget proposal to the table, including options to reach the budget, with the City Manager's recommended option (assuming there are different proposed cut options to consider) to meet the balanced budget requirement.