UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Sandusky begins search for city manager

City commissioners agreed Monday to hire a professional search firm to scour the U.S. for a new city leader.
Tom Jackson
May 24, 2011


City commissioners agreed Monday to hire a professional search firm to scour the U.S. for a new city leader.

City commissioners' looming decision may be the most important one they make in a decade, said city commissioner Dick Brady, who pushed to get the search going.

Commissioners appointed Brady as chairman of the committee that will choose an appropriate search firm.

Brady said he would like to hire a consultant within the next three weeks and hopes to have a short list of three candidates by Aug. 1.

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What's the over/under on how long this one will last?


I admire Mr. Brady's initiative in taking on the search process, and finding an appropriate firm to assist with the search as well.  Good luck!


The search is back on the table once again and so quickly!!  Duckie, don't be too quick to give all the credit to Brady and the commissioners, they know more then what they are willing to share with the public.


Now that some of the trouble makers "dumped" Sandusky or are not involved for some other reasons we won't mention~maybe we can turn back the hands of time and start over with the same people some were blaming for everything?   There were some fine people in charge IMO!


 After watching last night's city commission meeting, maybe Icsman lost his grip with the fab 7. Was that Ruth Haag in the audience?


 After watching last night's city commission meeting, maybe Icsman lost his grip with the fab 7. Was that Ruth Haag in the audience?


 After watching last night's city commission meeting, maybe Icsman lost his grip with the fab 7. Was that Ruth Haag in the audience?


With all due credit to certain Commissioners, under Icsman as Interim CM, the city has operated reasonably smoothly after many years of disfunction. Without a tough leader, the inmates run the asylum. This will be a tough act to follow.

To get the best candidates, a very competent recruiter will be needed.

Choose wisely, Commissioners.


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This should get interesting.


 Anyone know a certain owner of a certain iron works company, in town, that they might be able to talk into applying for this position?  I think he would be a good pick.


@somethingaboutmo, can we agree to disagree? I agree with your comment.


But then again would that owner be a conflict of interest in the city?



A man/woman from “the outside” will not work out in this town.  The culture is much too thick.  It will not be a decision about who will manage the City. Rather, a decision of whose life will be ruined next.  For ethical purposes, it would be best to choose the ‘best’ qualified person out of local boys and girls.  That may not be the best person to manage the City, but residents need to do some introspective thinking.  Do they really want someone from the outside – will they truly accept them.  Yes…the good, bad, and ugly – because we all have good, bad, and ugly inside of us. 


It is obvious this town would prefer not to engage in “change”.  It’s normal to fear change. But, this town has become severely stagnant due to resisting change.  If someone does come in from outside of this area, they will see that change is necessary.  They will feel as though they are accountable for leading that change. But - - they will be “slapped back into reality”.  The reality of the fact citizens here fear change and will go to great lengths to impede change. 


I wish the citizens would genuinely think about this.  They will schmooze the person who is selected for the position – then, two weeks down the road begin having their secret meetings – and begin destroying the life of another fellow American.  This is an ethical consideration.  Just allow someone from the local area to take the position. Sure, there won’t be any substantial change – and the City won’t move forward, but you will also not destroy the life of an unsuspecting human being.




I think the Commissioners should address and consider the following.  (1) In the very recent past they conducted a search for City Commissioners, why spend the money doing it again?  (2)  Why should we pay a City Manager's salary for someone who upon coming to our town will have a learning curve of six months? 

We have a competent, qualified candidate who has shown interest in the City and in the position.  Save time and money and choose her.

The Answer Person

Why look outside Sandusky? 

We have people who come to the podium at about every Commission meeting who know EVERYTHING! 

Let one of those three know-it-alls step up to the plate and take the job.

Julie R.

@ The Answer Person: Who are the three people you are referring to?



Re: The answer person:


I love it!  The only problem is…the rest of us can hardly stand to listen to them.  It’s usually those people who cower under the pressure when they actually have to make a decision. 


But, it’s easy for them to give an opinion when they are not being held accountable for the outcome!


Excellent comment!



Julie R.

So who are the three people?


One works for a law firm in Lorain

Another works for a bank in Huron

And the last one works for the local prosecuter


Pragmatic makes some good points, BUT... "A [City Manager] from “the outside” will not work out in this town." ?

Seriously? That's a pretty cynical statement. I would be very sad if true, but it's not. We've had CM's "from here," (whatever that means) and clearly that alone does not assure success. Indeed, one can make a good case that an outsider is precisely what is needed . . . but it's gotta be the right one.

We already have a bunch of Commissioners and employees who are "from" Sandusky. If everyone is, you get an inbred, inward-looking and even backward-looking organization, resistant to change and oblivious to what's succeeding in other places.

Further, the U.S. population is pretty close to 10,000 times that of Sandusky. MAYBE the best candidate lives here, but odds are, there are a many better choices elsewhere. Finding some of those is a daunting task, and that's why we need some help to avoid more mistakes. Our last CM had limited experience, and had been in charge of a metro suburb where the biggest problem was managing rapid growth.

We need someone with experience dealing with changing neighborhoods and a shrinking tax base, someone who's tough as nails, who can move us forward with integrity and fairness, not nepotistic back-room dealmaking, someone who understands business excellence and government excellence (and understands the difference.) We need a good communicator who understands how and why rust-belt cities are changing and can lead us in leveraging Sandusky's strengths and inspire us to work together toward a vision for a bright furture in this beautiful and amazing place.

Having said all that, no one can lead us forward if we don't wanna go. It's Ok to advocate for what we  think is best with civil discourse, but when things go well and we find a consensus we can live with, we should get behind it even if it isn't precisely what some of us prefer.

BTW, sometimes outsiders (and insiders) get chewed up and spat out by outsiders. Sy Murray is the former San Diego CM and Cleveland State professor "outsider" we turned down for Sandusky CM last time around. Here's a glimse of the story of his demise:




Raoul Duke

Using the picture of the Boy With A Boot was perfect, since whomever they get probably won't be able to "empty" said boot if the directions were on the heel.

Julie R.

Pete: In reference to your sarcasm ---- you no like what I say about the Lorain County law firm of Baumgartner and O'Toole (now Stumphauzer & O'Toole) and Huron's Key Bank, main headquarters corrupt Cleveland, Ohio? As for "working for the prosecutor" --- you lost me. Does the Probate Court judge McGookey and the Common Pleas Court judge Binette work for the prosecutor? If so, that could very well explain why your prosecutor Kevin Baxter doesn't like to return phone calls!