City commissioners support prayer event

Pervis Brown, Jeff Smith plan to attend community gathering.
Tom Jackson
Oct 9, 2013


Two Sandusky city commissioners are backing a community prayer event at noon Saturday at the Washington Park gazebo.

Pastors at Life Source Ministries, a small church in the outlet mall in the Milan area, organized the event.

“The heart of the whole thing is to come together with one common denominator: to seek God,” said Deb Lusher, a pastor at the church.

City commissioner Pervis Brown has agreed to speak for a few minutes at the prayer rally.

“I believe in prayer. I believe in community,” said Brown, adding he’s pleased organizers are trying to persuade everyone to come, regardless of denomination or color. “It’s a call for unity.”

Commissioner Jeff Smith also said he’ll attend if he can work out a conflict; his son has a football game at the same time. Smith helped Lusher figure out how to reserve the gazebo.

“With everything that is happening, not just in our city but the world and the country, I think a great start fixing some problems is bringing everybody together as a community,” Smith said. “We should come together as Christians.”

Lusher said the Biblical verse that’s a key to the intent of the rally is II Chronicles 7:14. The New International Version translation of the verse: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Other churches have received letters inviting them to participate, Lusher said.

“The event is not based on churches,” she said. “It’s the body of Christ coming together.”


sandtown born a...

So politicians and preachers both spew a lot of BS


Don't try to prove the people who think you are a fool correct.

sandtown born a...

You have already proven your point look in the mirror


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sandtown born a...

You have a mullet? Drag your knuckles elsewhere TROLL ! furthermore why are you even commenting on this story no racism here?

The Answer Person

Why aren't they holding it in the Milan gazebo since that is the area in which their church is based?

The Answer Person

I love the "conflict" Jeff Smith has. Football? God? Football? God? Silly, football IS God! It must have something to do with those concussions? LOL!


Football itself isn't his conflict. He wants to support his son, who happens to have a game at the same time. Reading comprehension does wonders.

Truth or Dare

Good question, why the Sandusky Gazebo? What "churches" have received personal invitations, all churches, of all faiths?

As for that FB conflict, with the scientific studies and info. hidden by the NFL regarding repeat concussions, and not just effecting pro players but teenagers and children as well, if I had to do all over again, I would think long and hard about being so willing to risk my children's physical and mental health regarding this sport and the possibility of CTE disease.


Okay, there's a prayer service. Other than announcing it as an event, why are Commissioners "endorsing" it or praying from the stage? I'm big on separation of church and state, but as long as other groups are treated EXACTLY the same, why shouldn't churches (whose members pay taxes) have access to the same public venues as anybody else? The issue I'M having is that there's apparently official support. Now THERE'S your violation!

The football conflict? That's not a violation of anything. It's just really, really amusing. Wonder if Smith goes to church and, if he does, what his pastor thinks of THOSE remarks, LOL!


Just becuase they are elected officials, they are not exempted from carrying on normal life activities. If the city were to pass a resolution endorsing the event, then it would become an issue.

The Register tries to create controversy becuase they are "officials".

Also, his pastor would probably be supportive of him attending his sons football game. If more parents would be involved in their childrens lives, less prisons would be needed.


You misunderstand me. I don't care if they go to the event. It's none of my business what their "normal life activities" may comprise. I care that they've ENDORSED it. If I endorse it, it's meaningless. If YOU endorse it, it's meaningless. If an official endorses it, though, it has meaning whether it was intended or not.

pigeon farmer

The goof balls that used to pray to Sarah Palin @ the gazebo can join in.

Erie County Resident

Don't forget when your master Hopey Changey the Clown came to town so all of you .. oh wait you suckers weren't included only his elite peeps with money money money were allowed in.

Truth or Dare

Question; Is the use of the Gazebo free, or is there a charge as there is for all other City Park Shelters? If so, has the fee been paid, or waived?

Truth or Dare

I don't know about anyone else here, but I did try to attend a historical event/appearance by the POTUS, as I would of had it been any other, and like most others was kept behind the barricade. I'm not a strict party ticket voter. I know this, there isn't one, not 1 Republican that will get a future vote from me. Why make the same mistake? I will remain registered as I am so that I get to vote every 2 yrs.. By the way, that 2-Party System doesn't seem to be working for most of America, unless of course you're on the government payroll.

FYI; My Master of Hopey Changey, suffice to say I've seen enough over the last 40 yrs. that my hope lies in NO MAN OR WOMAN, and am well aware that the hope for change, begins with me. Believe me, I work in the private industry, and I've heard from the horse's mouths just exactly what they think and how they feel. It better explains the ugliness within our country.