VIDEO: Watch the Sandusky City Commission meeting

Did you miss Monday's Sandusky city commission meeting? Watch it here.
Sandusky Register Staff
Apr 12, 2011


Did you miss Monday's Sandusky city commission meeting? Watch it here.

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Tool Shed

I can't believe the City is actually considering changing the name of a street after some reverend who sat on the back of the Sandusky High steps to hold the door shut so no kids leave school during the school day!  I do believe Officer Andrew Dunn did a whole lot more for the city than that reverend did. If anyone in Sandusky should have a street named after him it is surely Andy!


I would like to believe that in time, there will be a street named after Officer Dunn. Better yet, maybe a newly renovated park (hint). At the least, I would like to see a street marker at the scene of the shooting that honors Officer Dunn. We have them at the beginning ot town honoring our athletes dont we?



more than "carrots and cabbages"? ....... how clever!


I think they shoud name handcrack street dunn street


bring back cedar point boatline ......... now that would be a good project! ........ it's not like CP can't afford it!


I don't think the city should get in the habit of changing street names at a whim or request.  It can really get confusing to change your street name with every body you are doing business with.  That includes Erie County auditor, census, IRS, post office and mapping the streets.  Let us not get carried away with changing street names around.