Richard Brady named to vacated commission seat

The Sandusky city commission made their decision in who will be joining them in 2011 after the seat was vacated by Kim Nuesse.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 3, 2011


The Sandusky city commission made their decision in who will be joining them in 2011 after the seat was vacated by Kim Nuesse.

Click on the "play triangles" in the players below to watch the video. The first video is prior to executive session and the second is the decision.

Watch live streaming video from registermedia at


Watch live streaming video from registermedia at



I gave up on trying to watch the videos. I cannot even see the "play triangles" to start the videos. I have more important things to worry about now than trying to get the videos to play. I didn't know that Brady was even interested. Is he the same Brady that sold the city those signs?


Could someone please give us some info on who Richard Brady is?  What is his background.  The deadline for resumes was the 2nd, right.  Today is the 3rd?  Seems like it was a quick desicion....


We all got let down thAt they did not choose Jeff Smith. I wish we could have voted on this.


Dick Brady is Brady signs.   People knew that he would be elected a few days ago.  No big surprise.


 The million dollar question is which side of the fence was he picked to be on, or will he be his own person. Have met him a few times, so I can't say one way or the other.


Never even heard of him.....that was QUICK!   What was the big hurry????   Was it pre-planned??  It will be interesting to see which side of the fence he will be on.......very interesting  since there was no time wasted..............made my head spin.         Just the people of Sandusky have any say whatsoever about anything?   Oh well,  I guess the whole world will keep going down the tubes with some of the people we have that are "running the show".


if Brady sides with Farrar, Brown & Hamilton he will be lambasted by the SR as a GOB. if he sides with Kaman and Waddington, he will be hailed as a visionary. if Brady wants good press he will do  whatever Matt says he should do (as long as he doesn't care about selling his soul). Hamilton was praised when he got in but now he is lumped with Farrar and Brown because he went against what Matt wanted. Chief Lang was hailed as a new leader of SPD when he got in but now that has cooled also in the SR.


How about instead of siding with one side or the other, he does what he feels is right.  Why do we all have to be on one side or the other in this town.

Why do we always have to be in conflict in this town.  Be your own person Mr. Brady, and do what is best for the area.


 Dick Brady is a good man, born and raised in Sandusky and wants this city to succeed.  Do what's right not what some voting block says, there is too much of that in this world and all it does is stifle creativity and progress.  I want my city back the way it was in the 60's and before, prosperous, good schools, low crime and a great place to grow up.  Sadly, not much of that is true today.


Salvatore, you need to click on the "registermedia" in blue and the video will come up.  As for Dick Brady, all I want in him is for a commissioner not to bobble his head in one direction and do what is right for the taxpayer and watch over the tax dollars that are being spent.   As for the selection process, it is very suspicious as to how this unfolded.  The public new a few days in advance thatBrady was the selected one, and he just happened to have submitted a resume.


I sure hope he has his own mind. I agree with criscraftseahag. If he follows his heart like I think Brown, Farrar and Hamilton do, he will get beat up by all the bloggers, Matt Westerhold and his crew. If he follows the other three he will be business as usual for the Register.  I have to disagree with one thing though SeaHag.

The Good Ol' Boys aren't Farrar, Brown and Hamilton. They are Matt Westerhold and the Sandusky Register.  If ANYONE has been paying attention.... the Sandusky Rag tells Wadd, Cole and Kaman what to do and they do it.  WHY???  In 8 years have you EVER seen a negative article about Waddington. WHY??? Because he is their mole. Why did the Sandusky Register publicize Kim Nuesse and Dee Cole so strongly. Because they call Matt Westerhold before they call Don Icsman for advice. Now Look! We are stuck with Dee because this community believed what they read about her in the SR to be true. Now everyone knows the truth though.  Look at Kim. She could only stand the pressure for one year. To go after a MAYBE part-time job. Please..........................

JUST WATCH Cole, Kaman and Waddington for the next year. How much do you want to bet they will want to go to the ballot for a Strong Mayor type of government. Because Matt and his out of town Editorial Board said so. THAT'S WHY!!!   JUST WATCH.....   Mr. Brady please do not feed into the Sandusky Register and their three amigos.



I'm with "WHATTHEHECK"   ;)


       WhatTheHeck,..... I'm sure Brady will rush to your side on the Rec Center!  Listen to your heart and Sandusky will be broke.


Darkhorse says "Salvatore, you need to click on the "registermedia" in blue and the video will come up"  WOW darkhorse, Thank you!  In the past, I was told to update my player, update my browser, do this or do that. Maybe I should not have bought an updated computer and saved my money. Thanks again darkhorse for a very simple fix to viewing the videos. Some people make it so complicated to fix minor problems when a simple fix will work. Take notice IT employees at the register.


I watched the video of the meeting and found the noise from someone typing on their laptop quite distracting.  Maybe Ms. Cole?   Whoever it was needs to adjust the microphone so the viewing audience at home can clearly hear the discussions taking place.

It is odd that I heard last week that Mr. Brady would be filling the vacant seat.

I hope he will make wise decisions for the sake of our city.


I am pleased Sandusky now has Dick Brady as a city commissioner. I have known him for years. He is a very honest hard working man who stayed in his home town and feels a commitment to make it a better place to live. He won't be swayed from his principles and he will act in accordance with them. I wish Dick Brady and the City of Sandusky the best.


RE: glass

Yes I do like the Rec Center idea by the way. That is just what this city needs and the commission has shown the public three studies to prove it. Why shouldn't they try to make it happen. OH NO, lets just keep paying for studies and let them sit on a shelf. That is what all the past commissions have done and now look at our city. The city should NOT pay for professional advice and then NOT use it. You must be too out of shape to work out.  I guess you won't be spending any time at the Rec. Center. 

Dick Brady is a man of integrity who will do what he thinks is best for Sandusky. He is a successful business man that understands finance. I do not think that a better person could be selected for Sandusky.

 I hope Mr. Brady has an easier time choosing a nameplate than Nuesse did. First it was "Ms. Nuesse", then it was "Kim Nuesse", and finally it was "Mrs. Nuesse". Who paid for all those changes anyway?

Interesting – this was very quick. Why was it necessary to fill this position within just days? After all, the fire chief, police chief, and the city manager positions have been vacant for much longer.   It appears the City Commission rates themselves as a higher precedent than even the emergency services leaders.  

I would rather pay for a $10 name plate change than a $35,000 paint color change.


Good luck, Mr. Brady!