Icsman won't be city manager

In a surprising announcement Monday night, Don Icsman said he will not seek the full-time city manager's position in Sandusky. The city will begin searching for its new leader next month.
Jason Singer
Nov 23, 2010


In a surprising announcement Monday night, Don Icsman said he will not seek the full-time city manager's position in Sandusky.

The city will begin searching for its new leader next month.

Icsman, the former city law director, became the interim city manager last November and appeared to be a leading candidate to fill the permanent manager's position.

But at Monday's city commission meeting, Icsman said by not seeking the full-time position, it will help uphold the integrity of city government.

He said people now can't question that he's making certain administrative decisions only to position himself for the full-time manager's job.

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I truly feel for the about to be hired City Manager because he/she will once again be the scapegoat for the Commissioners. The City government should manage the City: its assets, services, and funding. If the Commissioners did this they may find that companies want to move here. By having a well managed, transparent government (the responsibility of the Commissioners) there would be a “pull” marketing effort for new manufacturing business. By now the Commission should have concluded their “push” efforts didn’t work. In my opinion, the City has wasted enough time on “push” and PR.   If I was from Missouri I would say “show me”. Blowing smoke (PR) will not work because entrepreneurs and corporations are smarter than that. Make the City work for the City residents - both its human and business residents.  People residents should be the priority. It may not be as much fun to work in the City for the City but I believe the objective of drawing in business would be better served.


You stepped on the wrong toes already and you were just interim. Saved face by not getting dragged aroung in the dirt. Still not a top notch city leader. Never has been and never will be no matter what position he holds.


The news is just as well for the city that Mr. Icsman goes back to his old job where he is safer in his job.  As city manager, you are always focused on four votes that keep you in the position of city manager so you can't focus on anything else. Besides, every few years the poitical climate changes at the table much too often and your four votes may vanish with each election.  Mr. Icsman does what he does best and that is being an attorney.  We thank him for taking over and keeping things afloat for the city but the city is in desperated need of  strong oversight and leadership to get things done.  

duh goat

Thank God he isn't applying for the job. He would contract out all the city managers work like he does all the law depts work.

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Sandusky Regist...

Mr. Icsman isn't suppost to be the winner of a popularity contest here people.  He is trying his best to fullfill the obligations of not one but two positions AS A PUBLIC SERVANT  at a time when the state of the economy influences the general consensus in this country that government is top heavy, wasteful, and corrupt along with a lot of finger pointing going on.   It is a difficult task to say the least.  Well I say, coo doos to you sir.  In  my opinion, Mr. Icsman has done his duty with exemplary courage, integrity and the highest ethical standards I have seen in quite sometime. On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful that he has been willing to be there for the City of Sandusky (you and me).  If any of his protractors were so inclined perhaps they may want to try filling his shoes by putting their hat in the ring for the City Manager or any other position for that matter.